February 16, 2016

Back again

Ok, it's been awhile; time to get up in the saddle again. I am honestly flabbergasted that I still have readers after being away for almost two years! I thought I might be handcuffed for desecrating this blogs grave peace, but perhaps I can get away with it. Wow! Thank you for your loyalty; I will try to mend my ways and tell you all about what I've done in the meantime.

So what did I do? Some serious headscratching going on here. Well, of course there were all those UFOs disappering from my to-do list with a little help from my Lazy Bums ladies encouraging me to get on with it. If you give me a moment I'll go looking for pics, but just now I need to get on with my tale.

So sorry; this post decided it wanted to publish itself :-)

During my absence I joined five bees:

Flying geese

Bubbles bee

The 12 bowlegged curvy bees

 Modern Cologne bee

and the Secret Tote Bag Swap.

I finished 8 UFOs 2015, went once again for a wonderful weekend deep into the Finnish woods to dye wool with natural ingredients and, perhaps most important joined the group Modern Cologne Quilters.

Please have patience with me; I simply cannot write about everything tonight, but I will write about everything one thing after another. And there will be pictures. Promise!


  1. Glad to have you back again May, we have missed you! Looking forward to seeing photos of all those blocks you have been churning out too :)

  2. Thank you Fiona; I've missed you too...

  3. Lovely to see you blogging again! Some fab creations xxx

    1. Oh Benta; how lovely to see you again! I've missed you too!

  4. Liebe May! Du bist zurück! Wie schön! Du hast tolle Blöcke genäht! Knuffig finde ich besonders toll!
    Auf zum ModernPatchMonday!
    Ich drück Dich

  5. Hallo Dorthe; lieb, dass du dich meldest! Und danke für die Aufmunterung :-)

  6. Liebe May, das war die beste Entscheidung, dass Du mit zu den Modern Cologne gekommen bist. Darüber freue ich mich sehr. Und wenn ich sehe, was Du alles gemacht hast in der letzten Zeit, dann wird es demnächst ja richtig rund gehen hier ;) Viele Grüße, Martina

  7. Danke liebe Martina; ich bin auch heilfroh, dass ich euch habe!