July 31, 2013

Map fabric swap

Some months ago I started the European Text fabric swap and it was a great success! We got some wonderful fabrics together and I'm very happy with the results. To tell the truth I'm still fingering those goodies and dreaming of making something special.

Because it was such a success I want to start a new swap; this time with map fabrics. 

If you want to join in you'll need two yards of map fabric. We are cutting it into layer cake size, that is 10" x 10". I chose this size, because smaller bits of map fabrics would be too small. From your two yards you get 28 pieces.

Please sign up at Flickr http://www.flickr.com/groups/2278258@N23/. I'm travelling at the moment, but I'll try to keep up with everything.

Deadline for sending in the fabrics is the 10th of October. I'll send out the parcels as soon as possible. Big promise!

Meeting a new friend, Benta

I'd promised Benta (Benta@SlikStitches) to see her next time I was in London and July the 22nd was a date that suited both of us. The only problem was the Fat Quarterly Retreat 2013. It was kind of overwhelming. Benta had to work, so she couldn't come, but promised to put up with me afterwards.

After some very intensive time at the FQR I went for a quiet lunch with Rachel (Mammafairy) and her son Alex to calm down and find myself again (my ears were ringing from all the talk and my head was full of impressions). Afterwards I went for a walk around the lovely city and slowly got on the underground for Benta's place. To tell the truth I wasn't so convinced it was such a good idea to meet someone I only knew online. Well you know everything about what can go wrong yourselves, no need for me to spell it out...

But there she was, waiting in her car for me and I felt immediately at home with her. She's a lovely person and looks quite like my best friend in Finland, only a bit taller.

She took me to her home without any visible hesitation and presented me to her family and friends like I'd always been around. We had a lovely time that first evening together eating, laughing  and talking in her garden.



The next morning I slept long and spent the rest of the morning keeping her husband, Brian, from working, chatting about everything that came to mind. Benta had to work until midday, but afterwards we had some time to ourselves talking about the really important things, like quilting....It was soooo goood!

Not enough that she gave me a bed for the night and food on my plate, no she even gave me some gorgeous gifts. Aren't they lovely?

This arm thing is lovely, but scratchy. I've got some new plans for it. Hope you don't mind Benta!

Thanks Benta for everything! Hope to see you soon, perhaps at my place this time!

Tusen tack!

July 14, 2013

FQR 2013

What seemed such a good idea in October is now giving me the creeps! Only 5 days left until the Fat Quarterly Retreat 2013 begins in London. And I still haven't finished my stuff!!!

So you want to know what I look like? To be on the safe side and keep clear of me?

I didn't find a good pic of myself, but this sister gives a good impersonation. The waistline is perfect and the general outlook is so just me. This is how I look if I don't get everything right in class and if I have to wait for my food or margaritas.Well, perhaps I have a few less hairs in my ears, but you get the idea...

Can't wait to meet you! Hakuna matata!

July 12, 2013

Lazy Bums reloaded

A year ago the Lazy Bums group started on its mission to annihilate as many UFOs (UnFinished Objects) as possible. The concept was to make a list of UFOs and with some games and fun finish one object a month.
The participants duly wrote their lists (and very impressive ones they were) of their UFOs and the journey started.

The assignment was to finish one object a month from the list. At the end of the year a prize (a quilting book from Amazon) was waiting for the happy one who had finished most UFOs, or gathered most points.

The good news is - it worked! The average was 10 finished UFOs/active participant. Ok,ok, so we had an average of 10 because Gi from Gi Quilts did finish incredible 26 projects! Gi is our shooting star!

Just have a look at a few of the beauties! Sorry, can't show you every one; there was such a lot of stunning stuff!

Fright Nite Quilt, front

Can you imagine how desolate the world be without these quilts?

This is the Frite Nite quilt from Nicky, alias mrs. sew and sow.
Love those scary theeth!

Frite Nite, dead side

But if you ask me, the backside is even better. This one is definitely on my to-do list!

Or what about this one? Nicky calls it Spooling around and she blogged about it here.

The Christmas balls are from Amy in the UK. My fingers get kind of itchy and I'm frankly drooling over this one.

And then there are these stars! I'm so much in love with this quilt!

This is one of Gi's quilts. Absolutely stunning isn't it! Look at all those tiny details!

What about my finishes? Yes, I did finish 7 projects. Sadly only 7, but after the Christmas leave I fell off the waggon and didn't find the way up in the saddle again. Busy nursing my gloomies.

But I did finish this brute. Frankly it is my second quilt ever (the first one is still on my UFO list) and I was going to throw it away and only score points for doing nothing. But then, with some kind nudgin from the others I spent some hours ripping some very bad quilting off and renewing the worst parts. And tadaaaa....

A full success! We had a lovely time and lots of fun. But this isn't about us!

Time to start a new round! And we would love to have you join us to spruce things up before we get too moldy.

This year we are only working with a list of 10 items, to keep us better on track. As soon as one object is finished a new one may be inserted on the list, should you wish it.

Every month we have challenges to pep up the motivation and spurn us on. It may be to finish one item with a certain number, the oldest project, a quilt with a specific colour or a seasonal theme. For every finished UFO you get one point and if you finish the challenge you get an extra point.

At the end of the year a prize is awaiting again. This time not for the one who has finished most UFOs, but a lot will be drawn between all the participants who have finished at least 8 objects or gathered sufficient points (12).

Do join us if your UFO pile is growing over your head; your procratination gene should not be allowed to win! If you dropped dead this moment, what would your legacy be? Mourned and sorely missed by 98 UFOs??

It's more fun to get rid of those UFOs in a group than alone. I promise you a lot of fun and just imagine all the treasures you can proudly present at the end of the year. You can sign up here or pop over to Flickr. You find us at http://www.flickr.com/groups/lazy_bums/.

See you there; can't wait for the new round to start!