September 12, 2013

Wallpapering and a crocheted basket

Some time ago I introduced these friends of mine here. Did I mention how much work they are putting into transforming a rather normal house into jem? No? 

Well some fifteen years ago they bought an estate in the middle of nowhere. An old lady used to live there with her 20-30 cats. That is until she died. The cats and the lady disappeared, but not without leaving some hints of eau de chat behind them. Ok, ok, so you couldn’t enter the house without a proper gasmask. Of course everyone tried to keep up their smiles while gagging and telling them they had bought a good place and everything was going to be just fine. Honestly I expected them to tear down the place und built something new from scratch and I’m sure I wasn’t the only one.

Not these guys. They worked like slaves every free minute renovating everything that they could think of and because they are both smart it was a lot. I’m not so sure anything from the original house still remains.

One of the projects was new wallpaper. But not the usual kind. No! Did you know you can use fabrics as wallpaper? And I’m not talking about fabric wallpaper, I mean real fabric, the kind you can sew with. The technique is different from papering the walls. No glueing of walls here. You fasten the fabric on laths, then turn the lath around so you cannot see where you’ve fastened the fabric. After that you fasten the lath on the wall. Then you tighten the fabric up. I cannot explain the procedure properly, I was only watching every now and then while they were working. Some sewing with hand was involved as well. 

What I did see very clearly were these piles of leftover fabrics they discarded in the trash. Of course I couldn’t let that happen and ran away with as much as I could grab.

This is what I made out of the scraps. I cut the fabric in 1” ribbons like you do for weaving carpets and crocheted a basket. Sadly I ran out of fabric before the basket was quite finished, but they reassured me there was more. I left the needle in the basket and will take it with me on my next trip and hopefully finish the basket. Perhaps with a glass of Lillet beside me?


  1. what a great idea, actually two great ideas!!!!! i forgot you crocheted, i should have gotyou to teach me!!!

  2. How interesting. Does using the fabric as wallpaper mean you can steam clean it from time to time? I'm just thinking that the fabric must trap dust and smells a little more than paper wall paper, so how do you clean it?