September 15, 2013

Encore une fois

When Jen from Quilter in the Closet showed a picture of her newest quilt I was intrigued by the design. Luckily she'd posted about it as well and is actually starting a QAL end of September. The idea is to make caleidoscope blocks out of a fabric with large patterns. 

Picture borrowed from Jen; Quilter in the Closet
I was a bit dubious if this was something for me, but I did a deep dive into my closet, looking for some fabric with a large pattern I wouldn't need for anything else. And there it was, two pieces of fabric I'd chosen for curtains in my workroom. The kids quickly stopped me in my tracks at the time; the fabric was simply too hideous, so it had a very long nap in my closet. 

Perfect! No one would be missing this and I had some material to play with.

For the QAL I needed a book as well, but Amazon was very forthcoming and I soon held it in my hands. I got One-Block Wonder Encore out of a choise of three books. Frankly; this book put me off for a bit. The quilts didn't appeal to me at all. But Jen's quilt is lovely, so there must be more to this and I have nothing to loose.

Of course I'm much to impatient just to wait for the QAL to begin, so I started with the cutting. You cut the fabric on the report and stack 6 reports on each other before cutting smaller pieces with the help of a rotary cutter with a fresh blad, a long ruler and a 60° ruler.

Last night I had my fun with some Stack and Whack. It was too dark to see the colours of the fabrics I needed for another project and I'd just finished some 280 blocks for another Scrappy floating Stars quilt, so why not give this a go?

This morning I woke up, all eager to see what I'd produced last night and immediately began with one small block. One block wouldn't hurt, would it? Just a peek at what the quilt might look like. And then another one, and another one...I had to see what the blocks would look like, because everyone is different. After 14 blocks I made a short breakfast break and uploaded some pictures. Now I'm off again; I want to see where this one is going.

Excited? Why not join us?


  1. um ehrlich zu sein, der neue block sieht viel besser aus, als der orginalstoff. Der quilt ist einfach nur toll!

  2. Ha siehst du - aus der Hässlichkeit entsteht was schönes! Ob aus meiner Hässlichkeit allerdings was nettes wird, wird sich demnächst zeigen...

  3. Wow! It is looking fabulous already. Bravo!

  4. Looks like you had the perfect fabric for the one block wonder. And, well rested after the long nap!

  5. that's an amazing transformation from a dubious fabric to some great blocks!!!

  6. Oh... My fingers are itshing already. I think you're right. What harm can one block do? I will have to try it out.