August 11, 2013

Scrappy floating stars quilt

Some years ago I started on my Scrappy floating stars quilt. It was a quilt for a very good friend of mine; Mika, for his birthday. He has a beautiful summerplace in the South of Finland and he and his husband have been slaving away, making it even more beautiful day after day for these last 15 years or so. 

So it was a kind of obvious decision for me to make something for this place. I decided on this quilt, with these colours because I thought it would suit perfectly with the colours in their guesthouse/sauna. And the theme of the fabrics is nautical, for these guys perfect! They are keen sailors.

Well, this is actually not the sauna, but I wanted it as background, because it looks so Finnish :-) Want a better look at the quilt?

Scrappy floating stars, 240 x 200

For the quilt I ordered a lot of Tula Pink's Nautilus, so much in fact that I have enough for another one as well. What I did forget was the binding, so I had to take what I found years later online. I'd liked a dark blue border fabric, but after all the pale green was so much better.

I started on the quilt in 2010, but I didn't know how to quilt it, so it just lay there for years. Now and then I added another row, because I was afraid it might be too small, but that was it. It was only gathering dust somewhere.

Around came the Lazy Bums group and new impuls to get things done! The Lazy Bums is a support group for talented ladies with starteritis to make the UFOs go away. There is a new group starting now, so if you want to join us please do! It is so much fun and much better than piling UFOs for ever :-)
This is actually one of my finished projects in this group, the very last one. I spent a couple of nights with my sewing maching, quilting away like a madwomen. I finished finally 2 1/2 hours before I had to get on a plane to London for the Fat Quarterly Retreat. Who needs sleep anyway?
The reason for this rush was that my next trip to Finland was only a couple of days after the retreat and I wanted a bit of time to finish the binding.

For the backside I made some sailboats; they take up the theme of the fabrics nicely, don't you think?
I like a bit of something on the backside, otherwise it's so booring.

Here they are, Mika and Martin, with the new quilt. They look quite happy, don't they?

Finally a picture of  the scrappy floating stars quilt in its new habitat. The colours are perhaps not quite perfect, but I think its ok.


  1. Well done on your finish and it looks great too! Not the best preparation for FQ but you did it!

  2. It's beautiful, and so big! They look very pleased

  3. Beautiful... Fits perfectly to the room. I really like the clean look and feel. :)

  4. Fantastic finish, May! Love the backing you made for it too.

  5. what a fab quilt, and it looks perfect in.the room, what a lucky couple!

  6. No, it is not OK, It is gorgeous! well done, a lot of work, but hey, a result! Lucky Mika and Martin.