July 14, 2013

FQR 2013

What seemed such a good idea in October is now giving me the creeps! Only 5 days left until the Fat Quarterly Retreat 2013 begins in London. And I still haven't finished my stuff!!!

So you want to know what I look like? To be on the safe side and keep clear of me?

I didn't find a good pic of myself, but this sister gives a good impersonation. The waistline is perfect and the general outlook is so just me. This is how I look if I don't get everything right in class and if I have to wait for my food or margaritas.Well, perhaps I have a few less hairs in my ears, but you get the idea...

Can't wait to meet you! Hakuna matata!


  1. You're in good company, don't worry! I suspect I'll be finishing up in the wee small hours on Friday! LOL!

  2. Opps - forgot to say - see you there!

  3. Exactly how I pictured you! Such a sweet face! And beloved by Mother.

  4. Haha! Do you mean you are 'boar'-ing!? I don't think so!

  5. hej. det blev så ensamt och trögt att skriva om vad man har för sig när så få verkade intresserade.men..kanske fortsätter annanstans, få se.