October 27, 2012

This is it

I should be ashamed of myself, I really should. Not that I've been slouching around, doing nothing, noooo! I've done tons of things. Just look!

Oh no, I didn't make the pincushion. That was Beauty (DD1), I pushed the pins. Looks great, doesn't it? Now I'm meditating on another arrangement...

See; I've been busy! So busy that I've forgotten my manners. (Wasn't it me preaching about manners just a while ago?)

The pincushion above isn't my only one; no I have another one. This one. Cute isn't it? This one is for my handquilting needles.

And no, I didn't make this one either. Rachel made it. It came in a surprise parcel with tons of other fun things. Just look!

I regret not taking pictures of the package. There was a  parcel packed in giftpaper and there was some licorice and the cutest selfmade card I've ever seen. I once mentioned that I've never tried Australian licorice and Rachel noted it like the sweetie she is and sent some for me to try. It's good! Tastes a bit like Bassetts and Fazers combined in one, if you know what I mean.

In the parcel I found a zipper pouch with an elephant with wiggly ears. Too cute for words!. But wait. In the pouch there was another parcel and some chocolate. Another elephant pouch with elephant with wiggly ears and chocolate. And then there was a third one. Once again a elephant pouch and chocolate. And in this one - no, not a fourth pouch, but a tiny, tiny pincushion.

I love everything and cannot thank you enough for this extremely generous gift Rachel! I so happy I've found you and I'm looking forward to seeing you IRL in London next summer :-)

Is this all? No, of course not. I've got a "normal" pincushion for my everyday pins. I found it in the duty free shop in Shanghai and was sorry not to have enough money to buy another one. Of course I found the money in my pocket once I got home again and wanted to wash everything. Thats life.

Then there was a letter from the USA. Inside it I found this block. It is Jen's block for the Star of Africa bee.
It's magnicifent! Washington in springtime with cherrytrees in flower.

This bee is so much fun; sure you don't want to join us?

A couple of days later the postwoman brought another parcel. Inside was a birthday present from my schoolday chum Åsa. As you see she knows me really well, lots of licorice, some very tasty tea and these gorgeous gloves. She is a very talented knitter, as I've already told you.

Tack Åsa för allting! Lakritsen är försvunnen för länge sedan, men vantarna kommer jag att behöva nu. Förra veckan var det 20° varmt, men nu har vintern kommit. Brrr....


  1. I think you rival me for trying to make a pincushion collection! Inever had, nor needed, nor wanted a pincushion, til this year! and now ? I have several! why did no-one tell me what a wonderful thing a pincushion was, until now? So you got a share of the love!

    and I had such fun planning and plotting your little package! a little package for a naughty minx of a sweetie!

  2. What a lovely lot of packages, such a lot of talented people out there!

  3. Every presents are wonderful! Best of all, they are surely made with love for you. I looooove the block of Washington in bloom!

  4. May, you are the only other woman that I know that loves licorice. Ever since I was a little girl I've loved black licorice. I live in a small town and can't buy the good stuff, so I do without.
    I think you need to direct me to an online store that sells some licorice that I would love. Would you do that for me? My email is jcrow54@gmail.com. I will love you forever. (I will love you forever anyway, I just put that in for effect!)