September 26, 2012

It's a bit over, is it ok?

Every year we go for a weeks holidays to Alsace, France. Always to the same place, always about the same time. Its the 23rd time in a row, so you might safely call it a tradition.

This year we went a month earlier than usual and everything was different. We wern't freezing our butts off,  it was so warm we could breakfast outside if we wanted to. Of course we didn't, because before we realized it was a possibility we'd already finished :-)

Another new thing was the 18th European patchwork meeting in Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines. We just happened to drive by on our mushroom tour and saw all these shops, exhibitions and people milling around. It was just great and I for one could not get enough and would happily stayed there for the whole week.
It was challenging to keep the family off my back during my raiding of all the shops, but more challenging still to try not to buy everything I saw...

You know I live in a developing country, so please don't judge me too harshly for my buying frenzy.
This is my booty. Everything acchieved in one short hour! And I didn't see a single exhibition; next year Mr. Grumpy will be set out somewhere in the woods...

They had lots and lots of ribbons and zippers. I'm already regretting that I didn't buy more...

In my shopping fever I managed unwittingly to buy a pattern in French. French is not my major forte...Should I need help I do hope someone is willing to translate the difficult parts for me.

The froggies are going to be a pouch one day...

Sorry not to have a single picture of the place, but first things first... :-)


  1. First, those eyelet zippers are fabulous! The sheep and froggy fabric are super cute, but I'm loving the fabric with the ladies, umbrella and sewing machine and the pink fabric above it. So cute! Wish I could help with the French but je ne parle pas francais (which I google translated). Hey you could use google translate for the instructions!

  2. Kaksi vuotta sitten olin st Marie aux Minesissä koko näyttelyn ajan, ilman perhettä. It was heavn.

  3. Lovely purchases! I have a bloggy friend Pascale, "French patchworker" who could translate, I'm sure she wouldn't mind

  4. Love your new zippers.

    Lucky you went to Alsace a month earlier this year!

  5. Vacation, unexpected quilt bounty, Priceless!

  6. May, I didn't think you overspent at all! I would have bought much, much more. You were very good at not buying everything you could grab! I have never seen zippers like the ones on the right! They have lace on them. How pretty!!! I wonder if I can find some in the USA?