August 20, 2012

What can possibly go wrong?

The theme of the month in the Scrappy? Sew bee it! bee was a spiderweb block. Sana, our Queen bee, wrote a marvellous tutorial for the block with pictures. Everything easy piecy, nothing could go wrong I was told. (and much easier than my block as well)

Carla from Grace and Favour led the way and made her blocks before Sana had a chance to finish her tutorial. No need to say they look just fabulous, like everything Carla does.

I had my doubts about the easy piecy  and nothing can go wrong part, but duly set out to make my block. Rosa's (Rosa's Quilt and Tonic) written graphic instructions about how to make a block for this bee on her blog. I didn't use Rosa's dresscode (wouldn't want to give Mr. Grumpy any ideas), or burn my block, but that was about the only things I left out.

To get rid of my fears I made a small tryout. Everything was just fine and frankly it was a breeze, so onwards with the real thing. The block for Sana.

First I carefully chose my scraps from my scraps bin. Well, this was supposed to be a scrappy bee. My first mistake. 

Then I cut the strips and sew them together. Five strips 1 3/4" wide. My strips were all different lengths, but that didn't disturb me. Tranquilized by the tryout and the easy piecy – nothing can go wrong incantations I cut the first part and was very proud of my achievement – that is until I realized I had set the triangle ruler askew. 2nd mistake.

After a small hesitation, getting the blood pressure back to normal, back to the cutting board and the next one was due. Everything went just fine this time. Then I realized I had only fabrics for two parts. I had to make some scrap piecing again. Back to the cutting board cutting 1 ¾” strips. Then back to the sewing machine, some ironing and back again to the cutting mat. Once again I carefully placed the ruler and made my first cut. Then I realized I had pieced the strips together in the wrong order. 3rd mistake. So Jackie the Ripper had her fun and I was back again by the sewing machine. 

I’m not sure how many times I had to make new strips, because they were all of different lengths, but it really doesn’t matter. By a close shave I managed to get six pieces together and very proudly sewed them to make the block. Of course without checking the size. 4th mistake.

Here is my contribution to Sana’s wedding bed quilt.

It wasn’t until someone from the group asked about the size I woke up. I measured mine and it was 12”. Sana’s was 13”…Now I'm singing "Its too late, too late, too late now..."


  1. It is such a beautiful block!! I'm sure she won't mind... I think mine is a little small too!!

  2. Lot of room for error here with all these strips and if each one is a tiny bit out you are missing an inch! I found out that some big names make bigger and cut down to the correct size - think I may do that!

    It looks stunning though so worry not May - bees are for learning too I hope!

  3. It's so pretty! Those seams are perfect. You did a great job. : )

  4. Dear May, I think you can delete this whole post! I got your block today and miraculously it must have grown on its way to Berlin. Believe it or not it's exactly the same size like mine! It's 13 inches wide! I love it. The colors are even better than in the picture! I love the skyline-block, too! Was it meant to be the siggy block?
    Have a great night. No more nightmares about blocks gone wrong ;-)
    Hugs, Sana

  5. Such a gorgeous block, May! Isn't it great that it grew in the mail!!

  6. Your block is beautiful May!

  7. Well you certainly ended up with a lovely block, even if it was hard work getting there!

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