August 10, 2012

My first IRL experience

Things have been rather quiet around my blog these last three weeks, sorry about that. If you are now expecting stunning pictures from Peru or Zambia I have to disappoint you. I wasn’t travelling. No, I stayed quietly at home, slaving away at my UFOs. Sooo, show us some pictures! Well, can’t do that, nothing much to show. I’ve made some stitcheries and 15 blocks on my Joseph’s coat quilt. That is real progress as I’ve only managed to make 25 in the last 2 ½ years. But block no. 40 looks exactly like block no. 1, so pictures would be kind of boring. Its time consuming and tedious work, but I’m slogging on in the hope of one, not too far away day be able to finish this quilt. Let’s leave my UFOs here and return one day when I have some real progress to show for all the efforts.

So what else? Well, I went for ten days to Finland in June, visiting friends and relatives. It was a really good holyday and for the first (and last?) time this summer I actually saw some sunshine. 25° -28° C and a clear blue sky every day. Like gypsies Beauty and I went from one place to another, staying three days here and one night there…On our agenda was a visit to Tööts new shop in Helsinki. I met Tööt, in real life Soile, some time ago in Bloglandia as she won one of my giveaways and we started commenting on each others blogs. She mentioned a new shop and of course I had to see it myself, so Beauty, Åsa (my childhood chum) and I went there with great expectations. It’s a small shop and at first we thought it was closed, then Åsa saw some movement inside and knocked on the door. There she was IRL! 
Soile is a really great person, friendly and chatty, easy to be around. She bought a long arm quilting machine and is now starting her own business. Even if it is new business I can tell she’s doing great work. So if you have some unquilted flimsies laying around this is the place to go with them and let Soile take care of the rest.

Actually it was pure chance that we met her that day. She just came back from her summer cottage and was doing some thing or other in the shop before going back again. Sometimes you just get lucky! I’m sure going back again to chat while Soile is doing her magic with her long arm next time I’m in Helsinki.

To tell the truth I’ve had some doubts about the wisdom of meeting persons you only know from the internet, but they are (almost) all gone now. Should I be going some place I know one of you is living, I will try to meet for a cup of coffee, that is, if you want to. Promise!


  1. I will be looking forward to a visit! (And I am also having some doubts about meeting internet-contacts, but coffee is always coffee (or tea!) ).

  2. OMG, I didn't had a change to to drink coffee with you, but next time, I'll promise we will do that. I was really happy about your visit. It is always a gift to meet lovely new people.

    1. I'll hold you down to that :-)Do you like the pic?

  3. How lovely to meet a virtual friend. I have now converted 3 into IRL friends, and one has become my best friend and I'm off to stay with her today for 3 nights before we travel back to UK for the festival of quilts for two days. I have NO reservations about recommending it, it's not like book v movie!!!

  4. missed catching up with you and glad you've been productive. Would love to see the Joseph's coat sew up a bit. I just keep staring at the same old 12 blocks and think about sewing a lot.