August 10, 2012

About bees and swaps

About two months ago the lovely ladies Nicky (Mrs Sew and Sow) and Helen (Archie the wonder dog) started the Framed Purse swap. I had some serious doubts about my own abilities to make a framed purse, but signed up anyway. Along the way we got some gentle nudges and lots of advice about how to make these purses and where to buy the frames and patterns. Things like that. They did really good work, so thank you ladies for a new and great experience! If you hadn’t started this swap I would still be thinking about making one and postponing it again…

Each one of us was also given a secret swap partner and was told to be really quiet about it.  Mine was Jill from Texas, an expert quilter. I slyly stalked her, trying to find out her preferences, but I suppose I did a poor job of it. My purse was a typical first try type, let’s leave it at that.

Not so Jill’s. She made a tiny, little purse out of even tinier small pieces of fabric. Everything accurately pieced and sewn. In my fav colours, of course. 

This tiny little wonder was filled to the brim with cute buttons. 

What can I say but, wow! And thank you Jill for this great purse!
I needed a small purse for foreign coins, so this one is going to accompany me on my travels. And this is the selfmade card she sent.

And what about the bees? I participate in two bees; the Scrappy? Sew bee it! and the Star of Africa.
I’m really happy to be a part in these exciting journeys. Getting to know new people, working together, joking and learning new things from each other – I wouldn’t want to miss it for anything! It’s like a formicary, each and everyone contributes with a small part and their own skills. Thank you ladies! I’ll show you the results as soon as possible.


  1. Så trevligt byte! Börsen är så fin o knapparna läckra

  2. I'm so glad you liked the purse and buttons! I had so much fun with this swap and loved the purse and necklace from you! And by the way I am not an expert, just love quilting lots!! Lets keep in touch too!

  3. So I am curious. Did you receive all your blocks from the Scrappy girls?