April 1, 2012

Scrappy ? Sew bee it!

Do you often find yourself drooling over some eyecandy in Bloglandia? Wishing you could get your hands on the georgeous fabrics and exciting patterns - just NOW! And then sadly shaking your head and thinking "Oh no; I've got too much on my plate as it is. No money to spend on another cuckoo chase. But it sure would have been nice..."

Perhaps it was something like this that set you off dreaming:

This is a picture of Cindys from Fluffy Sheep Quilting Stargazing quilt. Cindys blog is great fun and if you don't know her yet do pop over. You won't regret it. Thank you Cindy for allowing me to show your picture on my blog!

It such an amazing quilt; just like made for scrappy quilting. The pattern is from the book Modern blocks by Susanne Woods. I bought this book as well some months ago just to make this quilt, but there are lots other goodies as well.

I certainly often would love to just get started with everything I fancy. I also think it would be wonderful to get to know more of all the lovely people out there; people just like you! So why not do something about it?

Join me in a scrappy bee! I'm sure you have enough scraps to make a quilt or two. It may not be enough for one of a certain kind, but enough for 12 different blocks in different styles. I certainly have. Or do I? Just joking, of course I have and so do you.

What I have in mind is a bee with, lets say 12 participants. Once a month one of us is Queen bee and gives directives about which pattern and colours to use. Pastel, rainbow, batics, monochromatic - whatever. She/he would write a post on her/his own blog, or use mine as a guestblogger. Now, that would be great! Perhaps I'll change the rools and only accept guestbloggers. Still joking. Do what you feel comfortable with.

There is no cause to get nervous about writing the post, or about the language - I'm more than willing to help out in any way I can. I would write the post for you, as long as you say which pattern and what colours to use. No biggie.

Perhaps I can tempt you with this one.

It is made by Gunilla from Gunilla - sytanten. It is such a clever and beautiful variation on the usual squares and halfsquares. My fingers are just itching to make one like this. Gunilla writes in Swedish, but even if you don't read it you can enjoy the pictures. I'm sure Gunilla would appreciate a visit from you. I haven't got the pattern for this one, but it doesn't look too difficult to figure out.
Tack Gunilla för att jag fick visa din bild! Jättesnällt!

I will collect your addresses and send them to the participants, so the blocks won't get lost in the snailmail. If someone doesn't like to share her/his address with others, that's also ok. Just give me your address and I will forward your blocks to you. You'd still have to share the big secret with me; but honestly - the worst thing I've done this far is to send out some surprise gifts. That I sometimes do, just for the fun of it. I suppose that is something you can live with :-)

Think about it; once a month you will be trying out something new and for once you will sure hit the jackpot and get 11 blocks from all over the world, with exciting fabrics and colour combinations you may never have come up with yourself! All you have to do is once a month make a block and send it somewhere to a nice person - someone who might soon be a friend.

That is not too much, is it? Just one block a month. Nothing difficult like application or paper piecing. You will try out a lot of new things and get rid of a lot of those scraps you don't know what to do with but are too beautiful just to throw away. As I see it it is a win/win situation.

This pattern would also be ideal for scrappy quilting. Beautiful colors and sure much fun to make.

It is called Scrap Jar Stars, made by Amber from A Little Biased. Amber has even written a great tutorial for this one. Thank you Amber for the permission to show your picture on my blog.

So what is keeping you? The postage? Honestly, as far as I know the letters won't cost the world, even if it is international. I've sent a lot of letters and parcels around without collapsing at the postoffice. Usually it is a not worth mentioning. I used to get some fabrics for a QAL from the Fatquarer shop. The postage was 3$. In Australia it is something about the same. Honestly; 3$ a month is not much, you can wing it.

What else? Oh, we will start in May. Now most of us have our hands full with all kinds of preparations for Eastern and later we will have to clear up the mess again. At least I have to. I'll be away for two weeks after Eastern, so the timetable would be rather tight with the give away for my first anniversary coming up on the 9th of April. By the way; I'm pretty sure you'll find something you like, so stay around for a while.
You will need some time to digest your ideas, setting on a pattern and the colorline, don't you? This is probably the most difficult part...

I'll be Queen bee in May, just to get us all started. But this is not a must; feel free to step up!
If you are unable to do your part of the sewing at some time, just say so. You can catch up later. We all live busy lives, so we will not get into a hassle about the timetables, are we? It is not like our scraps were busy, so what is a couple of more days waiting for a good thing? At the end of the day you will get an unique quilt, more and less for free.
If you want to leave the bee, speak up. Otherwise we'll worry about you and your wellbeing.

Please leave a comment if you want to join the bee. I will accept the participants in the order they sign up. If you need more than 12 blocks for your quilt you can sign up twice. That way you will get 22 blocks, but on the other hand you will have to make 2 blocks a month.

I'm leaving the decision about the pattern and the size of the block up to you but will set the limit at a 12 1/2" block. There are tons of patterns online, with great tutorials. Every now and them I'll share my favorites with you.
If you want us to use a pattern from a book we'll have to think about a solution without breaking any copyrights or forcing all us to buy the same one. I'm sure we will come up with one we all can live with.
If someone wants to use specific fabrics for the blocks or the background, she/he would have to send them out to the participants.

That's all. Sign up, choose a month for your big time as Queen bee and let the fun begin!

The bee is now closed; all 12 places taken. Thank you for your interest!


  1. Oh I know what you mean about all the lovely eye candy out there. I can never find enough time to be in Bees. they do look like lots of fun though!

    1. Sorry to hear that Erin, but I do understand. I'd loved to sew with you.

  2. Vet jag inte hur många gånger jag läst detta och Nu har jag bestämt mig: jag vill väldigt gärna vara med. Har inte varit med om ett "bee" förut, men det låter väldigt, väldigt kul. Kram Annika

    1. Nej, vad roligt! Var redan riktigt deppig för att ingen ville sy med mig :-)
      Har du redan funderat på vad du vill sy?

  3. How lovely and tempting. I am falling in love with white. It is only right that you should be queen of the May! But, alas, I am afraid I can't join you this time as I am so busy a bee that there is no time to sew.

  4. Ja visst har jag redan en idé och nu håller jag tummarna att du får ihop ett gäng intresserade. (Jag är gärna Queen Bee i juni - så ingen annan snor min idé ;-) !)

    1. Juni är alldeles utmärkt! Jag är redan spänd vad det skall bli.
      Håller på med olika förslag för been och kommer hoppeligen att imorgon skriva en ny post. Kanske det lockar fram någon bakom kaminen :-)

  5. I am absolutely certain that I do not have any scraps whatsoever. Furthermore I am absolutely certain that I do now sew. Ever.

    Apart from that I think that they quilts you have shown here are simply gorgeous - almost tempting enought to make me want to learn how. But not quite!

    I do hope that you will get enough participants!

  6. Perhaps you can talk Annika into making you one or two...

  7. She has already got one!! It's the one on the photo in my blogg where it says "Min webshot med äldre quiltar".
    But being such a nice sister, she might (just might) get another one sometime :-) .

  8. I'd love to be part of a bee! It's been so long since I participated in one!

  9. Hi May, I think I am in too deep in so many projects that I can't participate at this time. I have 6 block of the month clubs and am behind in all but one of them. Hopefully, you get enough people. Otherwise, maybe you can do a runner or something.

  10. May, how many languages do you speak? And which ones? I have translator on my computer but I think your blog is in English, right? Or is it my translator making it in English? Pop over to my blog and let me know, I have not been blogging for a long time as I have been busy quilting every day (almost).

  11. I would love to join in if you'll have me!

    1. And we'd love to have you join us!