April 4, 2012

Going haywire

Yesterday I spent some quality time with my rotary cutter and sewing machine. It was heaven! I haven't enjoyed myself like this ever. I picked some patterns I've been dying to try out and just grabbed some fabrics and set the rotary cutter flying. I didn't consider longer than about 5 seconds which fabrics to use - just a quick and dirty cut and go. No time for accurate sewing either, so please don't be too harsh on my results. It is so much fun just to splash out and not to calculate fabrics and colors. Just plain sewing. What a bliss!

No time for keeping anything in order either. You should've seen my workplace; heaps of fabrics mounting up, overturned boxes, rulers, scissors everywhere. Thank God no one saw the mess. They would immediately have signed me up for some messieprogram.

This was my first one. The pattern is called Rosettes from Fig Tree & Co. It will be recycled soon and hopefully more carefully put together again. I hope it isn't a secret Humpty Dumpty.

The second one was pure joy! It is a variation on the cabin log theme and is easy to make. The pattern is called Lover's knot. I found it online, but cannot remember where right now. If you want to know I can look it up. I just cut stripes and sew them on and did the fine adjusting later.

Of course I couldn't resist Gunillas boatquilt so I did a quick and dirty one. Deep down in a drawer I found the most ugly fabrics I've ever seen. I've wanted to throw them away for years, but now I'm thinking of keeping them and making a sailboat quilt instead. If it looks like nothing I can chuck it later. No harm done.

Never mind; a bit of haywire sewing is definitely on my agenda for this evening as well. This might come as a big surprise but there are still a couple of things I want to try out...

You see, a bit of spontanity is all that is needed. Sign up for the Scarppy? Sew bee it! bee and you will have  lots of fun like this at least once a month. Promise! We'll start in May, so you still have time to choose your own favorite to make. Just leave a comment here and I'll come back to you with the details.

Tomorrow is my last day at the threadmill before 2 1/2 weeks of vacation. I'm beginning to feel like a fox in the English countryside, but it is good to know that one is needed. At least I like to think myself as one of an endangered species, an OWUP (overworked and underpaid). But I have the suspicion that my employer is classifying me as UWOP (you go figure out than one yourself). That is the good thing about a democracy; everyone has a free right of mind. Who am I to judge?

I'm seeing forward to tomorrow evening. Family back home again, some small decorating to do, colouring eggs, chilling out...My masterplan is to stuff myself with chocolate, sleep late in the mornings and to thoroughly enjoy a couple of wonderful days with my beloved ones. How does that sound to you?

So bye for now. See you April 9th, on my first anniversary and a give away you should not miss out on.
Till then, keep safe where ever you are and do not forget to sign up for the Scrappy? Sew bee it! I promise it will be heaps of fun!


  1. Stitching is to be enjoyed and it looks like you have been having fun :)
    Happy Easter!

  2. Yes; I'm beginning to really enjoy sewing. May the Easter Bunny be generous to you, dear Radka!

  3. Vilka läckra block du sytt.Undrar hur många man överhuvudtaget kan hitta på?:-))
    Trevlig påsk.

    Kram Gudrun

  4. Ja, det undrar jag också, men jag tänker finna ut...:-)
    Glad påsk och många goda påskägg.
    Kram, May

  5. Härliga block Du sytt! Lycka till med båtarna.
    kram och Glad Påsk

    1. Tack Gunilla för inspirationen och hjälpen. Äntligen får jag någon användning för tyger jag tyckte var för fasliga, men här ser de riktigt bra ut.

      Kram och Glad Påsk själv!

  6. Love your blocks....the Lovers Knot is so pretty that I think I like it best. Have a wonderful time off!

    1. Thank you Snoodles. Yes, the lovers knot set me off singing and I think I'll be making more of these. It was so good to shut the brain off and just let the fingers do their thing :-)
      Happy Eastern to you!

  7. Your masterplan sounds like an extremely good plan - you simply can't go wrong with chocolates and chilling out with the family, can you?

    I like all the quilts you made, but the first one really made my heart jump with yoy!

  8. So you wouldn't be upset if I "accidentally" put a copy of the pattern in a letter to Zyrran? :-)

    You should keep your eyes peeled on Monday; there just might be something in my post to make you chuckle...