April 9, 2012

1st annuary give away

After some years of lurking around in cyberspace I finally last year wrote my first post. I never believed anyone would actually read my stuff, so you could have knocked me over with a feather as my first follower, beecee, turned up. And you know what? She is still around! It is a marvel.

I thought the blog would be only some kind of boring online diary with myself as sole reader, but things turned out differently. It has been an exceptionally rewarding and fun time writing posts, making pictures, quilting and above all making your aquintance. Thank you everyone for your encouragement, the inspiration and the friendly comments; you certainly have made a difference in my life. It means a lot to me. Thank you for sharing a part of my way with me.

This must be celebrated! I'd throw a party for you if I could, but as this is not possible a give away it is. For the occasion I made a couple of things from my own tutorials. No need for you to read the obnoxious ramblings, puuuh...
Here are:

1. One armchair needlework organizer, including scissors from Solingen, Germany.
I ordered them some six weeks ago, but they got lost in the post. I wrote to the factory about it and they sent me new ones!!! Can you believe that?

You can take this organizer along with you in a bag or you can easily fasten it on your armchair so you have it handy for your stitcheries.

2. The second thing is a princess crown bag. It is the one you know from the tutorial. Anyone interested?

3. The third thing is a brand new quilting book with lots of quite good patterns

4. Then a chain of stuffed dogs as decoration in a window, or where ever you want to put it. The dogs are supposed to be a Swedish breed, Västgötaspets or Swedish Cattle Dog. They are sturdy little fellows with short legs. If you use some imagination you may even see a hint of a  likeness.

I only realized today that I didn't have a good ribbon for this one; I'd forgotten it from my shoppinglist. Sorry. I'll just send the three doggies and the "jewels" and you can do what you want. Perhaps you could use it as needle cushions or for some woodoo if your doggie isn't behaving?

5. The last thing is a small gift pouch you already know from my postings. It will be stuffed with chocolate Easter eggs. I don't suppose they will be bad two weeks after Easter and taste as good as ever. Perhaps I should make sure and take a bite?

So, what do you need to do?

1. First of all you get one vote for leaving a comment and telling me what you want (no need to be modest!)
2. Followers get a second vote, only tell me so in your comment
3. You get a third vote if you link up to my place on your blog (please tell me)

6. This is extra: If you guess where I'm going tomorrow you will get a surprise gift from the country I'm going to. I don't know what the surprise will be; you just have to trust me it's going to be something good or at least fun.
If there are more than one right answer I'll toss a coin (or paper ball). Please name only one country.

Some hints:

- I've never been so far away before
- I cannot speak a single word in the language(s) spoken there
- it is a big country with an old civilization
The hints are not very helpful are they? Never mind, this is just a game.

What seemed like a good idea in November is now giving me second thoughts. A lot of "What ever possessed you to book tickets to this place? "What if we miss our connecting flight (in the middle of a desert); get lost, don't like the food...I've even printed a bunch of directions for the taxidrivers.
Well, second thoughts or not; Princess and I are on our way, far, far away hoping for some quality time and lots of good pictures to show.

Back to the give away. As this will not work with numbers, there is no need to write several comments. I going a new innovative way, with Excel. Wait and see; I'm an Excel nerd :-)

The give away closes on the 20th of April, 8 pm MET.

Until we meet again, take care and stay safe and sound; don't let the bugs bite you!


  1. Wow, I'm the first to comment. I would love to win the princess crown bag. I've admired it for a while have it on my to do list. Have fun travelling; no idea where you go to though. Maybe Brazil?

  2. I would love to win the needlework organizer. Congrats on one year!

  3. What a great giveaway!
    Thank you!
    I like the sewing organiser

  4. Are you going to Japan? or China??

    1. Hallo Gill, pick only one country:-)

  5. ARe you going to Italy...Ill be very jealous if you are.....

  6. I would be very happy to be the proud owner of three västgötaspetsar! Only one lives in my house at the moment, and surely, that's not enough, is it? Even though he is a loud little fellow... ;-)

    I am a follower!

    Are you going to Mongolia?!

  7. Congratulations to one year og blogging! And I would love to win the organizer! You know I am a follower and I will pop over to my blog and link to you (and also write a world or two about your Scrappy sew bee!).
    I have thought about several places but my guess will be..... Russia!

  8. Grattis till 1 år i cyberrymden.
    Jag vill gärna ha princess crown bag eller boken om jag har turen att vinna.
    Jag är ny följare till din blogg.
    Vart ska ni åka? Min gissning blir Kina och kanske mellanlandning i Abu Dhabi (du nämnde öken).
    Önskar er en riktigt trevlig resa.

  9. I have followed your blog for a couple of months and really enjoy it. I would love to win the princess bag, gift pouch, or the armchair organizer.

  10. How fun with a Give away! I am a follower since a couple of weeks. We got to "know" each other when you asked about my boat quilts.

    If I win I would love to have anything, but of course I am looking a little bit extra at the armchair organizer and the Princess Crown Bag!

    I have a link to you in my blog.

    I guess you are going to Japan!! I hope you will have an enjoyable trip!


  11. The princess crown bag would be my choice (for my daughter) who would love it.


  12. I would guess Sweden! the spring must be glorious there.

  13. I know it isn't England or America or Finland. Could it be Egypt or Turkey ? No, they are too close, so my guess might be China except what desert or are you just trying to throw me off the trail? I'm thinking Africa but the countries names have changed so many times since I had geography, so I can't warrant a guess which one.
    But I am a FOLLOWER and I think the dogs are the cat's meow and I have plenty of ribbon. Have fun!

  14. Hi May, I would love to have any of the items you have in your giveaway. I am a follower and you have been linked to my blog since the first time you went to my blog (I then went to yours and checked you out). I love the book and the needlework bag quite a bit. I think you are going to Egypt or Africa. You talked about desert and those are two places that I know have desert. Oh, maybe India. Do they have desert? Also, the most important. I absolutely love the scarf you sent me. I wear it every day that I leave the house. I get so many compliments and I then get to tell people how it came from a woman in Germany who I met through blogging. So, thank you a second time for the scarf. I love the vibrant red color! It's so beautiful and delicate. Jeanne

  15. I see that you want only one guess so I am guessing you are going to India. They have beautiful fabric there so I think that's your vacation destination. I did think it might be Egypt or Africa, but since you only want one, I hope India is the right guess. This is the second message I'm leaving you because I made too many guesses in my first comment. Jeanne

  16. My guess was like Jeanne's Egypt or India. Thinking you might go to a safer location of India. Congratulations on your first anniversary and thanks for the lovely giveaway. The book Sensational Small Quilts caught my eye.

  17. Oh, how wonderful is that organizer....so nice! That would be my choice! Thanks for the chance to win!

  18. I think you may be traveling to China....that's a very big country, and a very old civilization!