March 28, 2012

Little birdies are watching you

Cute aren't they?

They are also about the only thing I've done this week in the line of sewing. It's been a busy time scrubbing, swiping, polishing, buffing, washing, cleaning... You get the picture.

As a leftover parent I'm using my evenings to get this place into some kind of shape. On weekends the family rolls in again and everything looks within a couple of minutes just like it usually does. And does the family notice the efforts? Yes, you know the answer to that one :-)

I found the pattern for the birds here. They are easy to make; the pattern is called Mister Blue Bird. You only need two 10" x 10" squares of fabric.
Beauty is going to hang them up in her windows in her new appartement. She made a couple of butterflies as well. They are her own design, but I'm sure she would be happy to share it in case anyone is interested.

Well; I did sew the middle line I'd forgotten on the seahorse. Beauty says it looks more like a real seahorse this way, but it makes it somehow thinner. Perhaps I should paint a line on my middle as well:-)

Take care; I'll be back soon again.


  1. Hey there! Yes, the birdies are cute, but I totally love that sea horse!

    1. Hallo Sana, yes I like that one as well and am planning to make one with white velvet. Perhaps also the other two ones. You find'll the pattern here:!/2010/04/love.html