March 4, 2012

Another 5 minute project

As I first saw my pictures at Pinterest I was rather appalled. "Oh, no, they are harvesting my babies!" was my first thought. Then I thought about my conviction that you get what you give and it is so true! How many amazing patterns and ideas have I collected myself, sometimes even without a thank you line!
I'm greatful for all the generous people who contribute to the greater good with their time and gifts. My own contribution seems so small in comparison.

That said I want to show you a small fabric gift pouch. It is easy to make and doesn't take much time. Well, perhaps a bit more than 5 minutes, but something along these lines.

Cute isn't it? I made three, just because they were so cute. I haven't the slightest idea what to use them for. The pouches are small and the hole in the middle doesn't close well because of the fabric bulk. I'll probably end up giving them away. You find the pattern here: Fabric Gift Pouch

I did also make a seahorse pillow. It takes a couple of hours to make, so its a bit more complicated than the fabric gift pouch, but it's fun to make. I just saw that I shoud have made a vertical seam in the middle as well, but somehow missed it. Next time I'll make one out of velvet.

The pillow is rather big, over 2 feet, but you cannot really use it as a pillow. Here is the pattern: seahorse pillow

I do hope mastutake will write the instructions for the other two pillows as well.


  1. Hello May
    I've become your newest follower and found you via Gudrun's blog!
    What sweet little pouches you've made - maybe you could fill them with Easter eggs for presents?!
    I loved all the beautiful things in your Giveaway too - pit I missed that one!!

    Please come and visit me and I will get out my prettiest teacups and make you very welcome!

    Shane in New Zealand

    1. Hallo Shane and welcome to my blog! Hope you will enjoy our time together as much as I already do.
      Now, Easter eggs would be perfect for this little thingummy; what a marvellous idea!
      Thank you so very much for the invitation - New Zealand is on the top of my list of places to go (together with New York), but alas, the next journey is already booked and we are headed somewhere else. I'm not telling, because guessing where will be a part of my next give away:-)

  2. Sjöhästen är så söt.
    ja du, stående bordets urval är så rikligt. nu hade de bytt matsorter och det var så gott.
    ha en fin dag! kul att du kikar in i min blogg ;)

    1. Försökte hitta vit sammet igår för att göra en ny (tillsammans med en sjöigel och en korall), men tyvärr...
      Det är alltid lika roligt att åka över till Stockholm. Lite fest över det hela.

  3. I was just going to say these will be great for taking Madams decorated Easter egg to school in this year :)

    1. Great idea! I'll hide a couple of them, but I'll save one for the give away in April.