February 5, 2012

Dobry den Praha

I just have to get a couple of things off my chest; I'm not a happy bunny at the moment.
Our central heating shuts itself down at night and goes on again some hours before we even dream about opening our eyes. When we do wake up everything is warm and cosy with lots of hot water for the morning shower. Not so for the time being. It shuts itself down, but it doesn't go back to work in the morning. This is something I can understand as I don't feel like going to work myself everyday. But even with my compassion it sure is annoying when the temperature outside is -20° C and 14° C inside the house. It takes 2 hours before we can move without wrapping and white clouds around the face.

This was the first thing buggering me. The second is that I'm working really hard on a tutorial and I don't seem to be able to explain in simple words what I mean. Urrrrgh!

The third thing annoing me is I that signed up for a quilting bee. I just got the right book and thought it might be fun to make something together with equal minded persons. I signed up as No. 8 on the blog and signed up on Flickr for this 12 person bee. I was rejected because the bee was full, or so I was told. Some time later Momma Bee wrote on her blog that she had a couple of slots still open and she even started on a second one. No, I don't mind being rejected, because I live in Europe and the shipping might be a bit more expensive, but I do mind being lied to!!!

So here am I sitting in front of my pc wrapped in a bedcover and shaking an icy fist at a cruel world. I'd better show you some pictures from a wonderful trip instead of raving on. Here it goes:

Before really being conscious Beauty and I headed out for the nearest airport one Saturday morning about a month ago. We took the first train at 5 o’clock in the morning, still trying to keep the eyes open, with more or less success.

The nearest airport is only 20 kilometres away, but we must take three (!!) different trains to get there. That makes a total of one hour. By car it is 15 minutes, but you have to pay about the same amount for the parking as for the flight, so the train wins everytime.

This time we headed to Prague, on of the most beautiful cities in Europe. The flight was short and painless.

Not so the check in at the hotel, because they had somehow missed out that we wanted a room for three persons. They charted us off in a taxi to another hotel and there we were well compensated. Actually they were very sweet and we hit it of well. The receptionist asked if we were angry and Beauty answered “No, not yet!”. This got to be a joke between us and we were given an extra room (for 4 persons) in case we should get angry after all and need some space... We called it the “angry room”. Our room was spacious and warm as they got the old East European style of thermostat. Full power on and open windows to cool the temperature down again.

After the check in we went to the railway station to collect Princess. She came by train from Berlin, moderately pleased with the trip. Well, she had to get up early as well and suffer some 5 hours of travel; not a favourite!

Do you see the stairs move, ot it is just my imagination?

If you haven’t been to Prague yet, you should go. It is really worth a visit. Lots of things to see and do and most of it within a walking distance. The food is good as well, but best of all is the beer. I don’t usually drink much of it, but here I just had to have a pint or two.

We stayed four days here and had a great time in spite of the weather. It rained and was cold most of the time. Please show some charity with the pics; our hands were shaking with cold and the light wasn't the best possible.

Meet princess Aishe; she wouldn't be caught dead with a scarf on her head if it wasn't freezing and here is her loving Mum showing the picture to the whole world...I hope she doesn't catch up with this one.

Lots of gold around the town.

Nice houses and streets.

We gave the holy Nepomuk his due.

Good coffee.

The changing of the guards.

Street name in German as well as in Czech.

This is a picture of the old Jewish cementary. There are some 6 generations buried on top of each other. There is an impressive synagogue as well, but we weren't allowed to take any pictures. I'd have loved to show you all the names on the walls. It made us go quiet and think about all the evil in the world.

It is funny how some things have changed and others haven't. We went to the famous Laterna Magica, but that wasn't good. It was the same program as some 30 years ago, but without the magic. If you ask me, a complete waste of money. So this was a change.
We also tried to buy tickets for the Swan Lake at the Opera, but a redfaced woman kept shouting at us "No, English, no English!" Actually we tried to talk with her in French and German as well. Just the way it used to be some 40 years ago.

Please don't get the wrong impression from what I've said; the people are very kind and there are heaps of good things to do. Prague is one of our favorites!


  1. Wow, I love your photos of your trip and how about that one of the Jewish Cemetary...it's amazing. I'm sorry to here that you didn't get the spot you wanted. It doesn't sound great at what MB has done. Hang in there with the Tutorial, it will come together.

    1. Thank you Erin! Yes, the cementary is breathtaking.
      I'm not really angry about the bee, my plate is full as it is and I'm soon coming up with a quilt-along of my own. I just cannot stand lies and they upset me.

  2. Lovely pictures of your trip; lies are a pet peeve of mine, too. Bravo for starting up a QAL of your own! I'll check back and see what you are up to. The tutorial will work....sometimes it really is hard to explain things, I know. Just make sure you have pictures, and all will be well! :)

    1. I'm just being pathetic with all this whining...
      Don't expect the QAL too soon, I'll probably need 3-4 weeks for the preparations.

  3. I am so pleased that you enjoyed your trip to my home country :), even if they still have some way to go make it perfect.....

  4. Oh, it's far too long since I went to Prague. In fact about 24-25 years ago - the era when I was young. slim and charming. Now, I have to settle for being charming ;-)

    I love your pictures - and I would say that the coffee looks scrumptious and probably just what you needed in the cold weather!

  5. oh, I suppose "and" is the only thing that suits me from your description...