January 15, 2012

Back on track again

Wow, finally all the Christmas stuff is safely stored away again and I've made a great job on eating all the remaining chocolates single handedly. (Burp)

Friday evening I had some quality time together with my sewing machine for the first time since before Christmas and it felt really good. I thought to show you some of the things I'm working on before you write me off as a quilter. I did start on them before Christmas, but I got into a hassle and didn't get them finished in time. But first of all I want to show you the bag Beauty made all by herself.

It's great, isn't it?

Well, here are my ongoing projects. First of all a table topper. The backside is finished, on the front side I have to make some applications yet.

This one I'm still not so sure about how to make, but wenn (and if!) I get it sorted out I'm going to make a tutorial.

So, I'm off again; I've still got that January UFO to finish...(Why is no one surprised?)


  1. Uh... I like your table topper/wild geese kind of quilt - the one in the middle. It's beautiful

  2. Väskan är väldigt söt och passar fint till våren - alltså är den ju färdig i väldigt god tid :-) !
    Läckra färger på löparen, ser fram emot att få se den klar och så är jag väääldigt nyfiken på vad det skall bli av det som syns på sista bilden.

  3. Lovely bag, and I really like the colors in your table topper!

  4. Yesterday Beauty made a kind of raindance as I came home, because she had seen all the comments.
    I sure appreciate them too.