August 15, 2011


Just a few lines to tell you that I'm going to Finland tomorrow morning and will be back next week. I'll try to write a post in a couple of days, but I can't promise anything.
I'll keep a close eye on my blog, so if anyone wants to register for the Wantobe quilters campign I'll take care of the registration. Promise!

The picture is taken in a small village in the south of Finland. It is just a cute place and looks a lot like the houses where we Finns spend our weekends and holidays.

It is raining since I came, but I was told that this summer has so far been exceptionally beautiful. Nothing like the weather in Central Europe.

August 10, 2011

Small New Blog Meet-up

A week ago I signed up at Lily's Quilts for her Small New Blog Meet-up. Her idea was to link a lot of new bloggers with each other and, of course, with other bloggers as well. Absolutely brilliant!

Small Blog Meet

I certainly qualify for this feature as:

1. I only started in April with my blog and am still stumbling around without the slightest idea how to create the blog I'd like to have. You know; absolutely beautiful, stunning pictures, smart postings and ful to the brink with inspiration.

2. I have less than 20 followers. It was 11 one week ago, so my blog is peaking up, but still I'd love to get lots of comments everytime I sign in. I just love comments!

So what about me? I come from a family where women don't sit down with "empty" hands. There is a very long tradition of various handicrafts in my family. As long as I can remember I have been knitting, sewing and crocheting as well as a lot of other things. My problem is that I don't live anylonger in my home country (Finland) and there isn't much of a handicrafting tradition where I now live (Germany). Hey yo Germans - prove me wrong!

I'm addicted to colours and different materials, be it fabrics, paper, yarn or what ever. Sadly I can't draw or design anything.

I'm rather new to this quilting business, as I had a lifelong war going on with my (old)sewing machine. I simply haven't got the patience and the talent to get the things going the way I want. Two years ago I got infected with the quilting bug and everything has changed since then. I'm still untalented and impatient, but I'm sewing away as much and as fast as I can. (and loving it!) Still I'm missing all those kindred souls I used to have around me and I hope to find a new community through the quiltblogs. I love to browse around and admire all the beautiful works of art you all seem to produce so effortlessly :-)

Here is a short list about me:

1. I'm more of a patchworker than a quilter, because I'm scared stiff of quilting! My quilting is just disasterous.

2. I LOVE to travel. I grab at every opportunity to romp around the world.

3. I hate to cut my hair.

4. I love the sea.

5. I hate to get up in the morning.

6. I've had a lot of different jobs. Everything from picking flowers or making lamps in a factory to being a scientific assistant. Media technics it says now on my door at the threadwork mill and believe me - it has nothing to do with what I've studied. Much as I love what I'm doing now - it does get in the way of my hobbies.

7. London is my favorite city (after Helsinki of course). I'm sure the situation there will soon be sorted out.

8. I love whodunits. Flavia de Luce is my favorite sleuth (Alan Bradley). I wish I had something of her in my genes.

9. I'm very loyal to people.

10. I'm like a butterfly when it comes to the things I do. I get distracted by new colours, patterns, projects and am happily forever fluttering from flower to flower.

That's enough for now; I have a date with my sewing machine.

Take care, May

August 2, 2011

? ? ?

There are some questions on my mind. No, nothing easy like what shall I make for dinner, or how am I to get the 48 items on my to-do list done before Thursday?

No, not even why did I drop my pager into the toilet and not one of my male colleagues?
That one is quite easy to answer – because they are standing in front of it and are wearing the pager on their backside.

No, my thoughts are turned into more serious questions than that.

1. Where is the dirt on my glasses coming from? Am I perhaps distributing it with my eyelashes?

2. Why do needles have to hide themselves inside a pincushion? I certainly am not pushing them. It seems to me they are all behaving like secret agents during World War II.

3. Why did our entire population of quilting ancestors leave for overseas?

If you have some answers – please, please leave a comment. Or perhaps you have some inexpiable questions of your own. Do share it and we will put our minds into the matter.

More questions:

4. Why do the bobbins always run out on the last seam? (Thanks beecee)

5. Why are there oranges, but no yellows? Most of the colours seem to have another meaning, but not yellow. Is it being mobbed?

6. Does the word invalid (in the meaning of disabled) come from not valid? This thought makes me sad.

7. Why does the last minute always feel like hours?