December 2, 2011

Thank you Jeanne

God bless your incredibly generous heart my friend! I finally won a give away and believe me - it was no small thing. If you don't know Jeanne yet, do pop over to her blog and say hello. She has been giving away lots of stuff and I was one of the lucky ones. It took some time to arrange the shipping and I still think we have an issue about the costs… FYI - not only did this woman give away a small fortune in fabrics; she insisted on paying the shipping as well. (60$)
Of course she told me at once that I had won, but I didn't post about it. Somehow I just could not believe what she told me (sorry Jeanne). What I did do was to tell everyone I know about it and speculate on the contents of this mystery package. You know the pleasant kind of last elusive thoughts before you are off to dreamland…

Finally the German customs ordered me (and my bank savings) into Their Presence. Of course the note had to arrive on a Saturday. How could it be else? Normally I’m really tolerant about free weekends, but this time… Urrrghhh!!

Early on beautiful Monday morning Beauty and I set out, drooling at the prospect of soon opening this treasure trove. Of course there were no parking spaces left near the customs, so Beauty had to stay in the car to fend of any straying police officers with intrusive parking tickets. Believe me, she wasn't happy about this turn of things. I almost made it to the head of the line and soon was able to take a cutter to the parcel and finally grab about in the contents. Then there came the haggling about the dues, but I survived. Poor, but happy.

Of course we just had to look at once at every single piece of fabric and making first plans for the future use (while driving home). Solely due to the vigilance of the other vehicles on the road we safely arrived at our destination. At home the fingering and drooling continued and we made a second, third ASO inspection of every single thread. There were some 16 meters of yardage, 10 fat quarters, 2 jelly rolls and 2 charm packs in the box. Mostly the fabrics where in the Natures chorus and the Frolic lines, but there were some other fabrics as well.

What can I say – it will probably take years to make all the projects we planned at the spur of the moment, but it will be great fun!

At the moment I’m making Jeanne’s gift, but it is hard going. The first attempt ended with the realization that I’d got the pattern all wrong. The second attempt I messed up really bad myself. During the third attempt I finally saw that the pattern was wrong (not me), but I decided I was able to save it. At least I’m still working on the third season. My plan is to send the gift on its way into before Christmas (this year). It is only a small gift in comparison to Jeanne’s, but I hope I’ve chosen the right thing for her. Now it is your turn, Jeanne, to speculate on the contents of my parcel…Many happy dreams!


  1. Hej på dig, svenska talande minoritet från Finland!
    Tack för besöket i bloglandian min! Du är ju en sjuhejdare i handarbete!!! Uppskattar sömnadskonst högt, för jag kan inget med symaskin, virknål, eller så!

    Önskar dig en trevlig andra Advent!

  2. Congrats my dear how wonderful to hear of your winnings

  3. Välkommen Pia till min blog. Vad roligt att du hittade vägen hit. Vi kommer säkert att ha mycket att prata om...

  4. Hallo Samm; yes I'm blessed with good fortune in many ways. You showed me the way; thank you!

  5. Be still my heart - how wonderful for you! Can't wait to see what you cooked up.

  6. Weeeell, the masterplan is kind of shady yet...

  7. Hallo Linda, I need your address so I can send you a small something.

  8. I am glad you finally received the package. I didn't know you had to pay any money to get it. I marked it as a gift. I can't wait to see what you are making me. No one but my sister has ever made me anything so I am very excited. Do you crochet? I want to learn how to but I think I need to take lessons. I think you knit, right? I tried that but it was very hard. I was only in my 20s when I tried. Maybe I could do it now.

  9. От всей души поздравляю с прекрасным подарком !!! Надеюсь он будет не последний !!