December 20, 2011

Reflexions on brain fizzles

In Istanbul I got infected with a bad bout of the brain fizzles. Perhaps you know what I’m talking about. It is this state where an idea bounces around your brain like that old computer game. You know it; I mean the one where you have to hit a ball and it lazily bounces from the walls and when you are lulled into some kind of oblivion sneakily pops out the exit.
No matter how much you try to distract yourself with other things; as in my case – the Christmas preparations are screaming for my attention- it simply will not leave you and keeps popping up into your consciousness and calling for immediate action. And I mean NOW!!!
Ok, ok, so you do not know the fizzles, it is solely my kind of brain damage. Good to have that clarified.
I’d better get on with my sorry story.
This is what happened. I saw this man; clearly a tourist – all the relevant signs were there: camera up front, rucksack on the backside and book in the hand. You’ve seen them around.
No, male tourists don’t give me the fizzles, but this ones rucksack did. It was a fairly normal one, but it was covered with lots and lots of these colourful patches from different countries. Hah! I thought; what you can I can as well. I’ve been around. Easy piecy. I’ll just collect patches from all the countries I’ve visited and stitch them on. But…Where do I get the patches from all the places? Do I have to visit them all once again? (Yes!!!) Or do I order them online? (No!!!) But how do I count the places I’ve been to? Some of them do not exist any longer like the Soviet Union. Should I get only the German flag and forget all about DDR? Or should I forget about Yugoslavia and get the patches for Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Montenegro? And what about Czechoslovakia? Is it one country or two? Even worse; what about Scotland and England (I haven’t been to Wales, sorry), or do I only buy the UK one?
Somehow I’ve the suspicion there are a lot of places I’ll never visit again; I do like to go to new places and there are a lot of them just waiting for the right opportunity. What shall I do about these countries; shall I take the coward’s path and just order them? It doesn’t feel right. Who knows, one day…What would you do?
I can’t make up my mind, but I got started and bought this one in Istanbul. Now I have only to get a rucksack and attach it. One patch is better than none.

By the way, I have the same kind of problem with pins from Hardrock cafés, except that you cannot order the pins online. I only got started last year. Dumb of me, because I got a lot of pins for a friend.


  1. Tack..önskar dig en skön jul!

  2. Svår fråga - men jag tror jag hade beställt online. Du HAR ju varit där!
    Själv har jag en gammal ryggsäck från när jag tågluffade 1976 med märken på, fast det blev inte så många, för jag glömde bort att köpa.

    God Fortsättning!

  3. Jag tror jag beställer från de länder jag misstänker att jag aldrig mer kommer att besöka och lämnar enkla länder i Centraleuropa till ett senare besök. Vi kan ju knappt åka till butiken utan att komma över en eller annan gräns.
    Irene, om du vill kan jag skaffa de för mig enkla länderna samtidigt för dig. Jag byter gärna mot t. ex. Norge, Dankmark och Sverige; har för tillfället inga Sverigetrippar planerade.

  4. You have me chuckling! I think I shall go and look for my old patches from my high school graduation trip (a gift from my folks). I think I have Zurich, and Kologne, and some others! LOL
    Happy New Year!

  5. Was that your first trip to Europe Snoodles? Cologne was definitely a good choice, but what about Salzburg? I'd thought that you would be hot on Marias footsteps...