December 10, 2011

Quilts, quits, quilts

I've been rather busy making lots of fun things, but as they are shortly going around the world I don't want to be a christmas present spoiler and show them here and now. So I thought why not show the pictures from some quilts I saw in Alsace in October. They were in a small place near a town called Ribeauville. Enjoy!

This one I liked most of all - I just hope that I will one day be able to create something half as good.


  1. These are beautiful quilts. I'm sure you must have had a great time at the show

  2. I love the last one also. I wish I had the pattern. But it might be a little too advanced for me. I'd still like to try it. Where could I go to get the pattern or is it something someone just made up?

  3. Hallo Linda, actually it wasn't a show, just some quilts for sale in a museumshop. It was a great surprise as I didn't expect anything but the usual junk.

    Hallo Jeanne, I'd love to have the pattern myself, but, alas... I suppose you could make a pattern yourself for paperpiecing. That part doesn't look too hard. I'm more concerned about the actual sewing.