December 12, 2011

Mystery parcel is on its way

This is where it is going.

This is the home town of lots of delicious Cadbury chocolates and the coolest mall I've ever seen. I'm sure my parcel will find a very good home here.

Some of you did sign up for the mystery swap, but the parcel went to Birmingham (UK), simply because it was the only address I got in time.Truth to be told I barely made into the postoffice before they closed for the day. Last day at work, you know. I was planning on an early escape, but...

Tomorrow I will be taking deep breaths of my favorite (airport) air so today I just had to rush around like Speedy Gonzalez and did not have the time to wait for the answers to my emails. I did also send away parcels to Finland, Ireland, Singapore and Russia. My last parcel, to the USA, is still waiting for Jeannes address. I'm telling you this, so that you know that something is on its way. I do hope everything arrives in time for Christmas, but I have full faith in Rudolph's speedy delivery.

I'll be back with some pictures from my trip on Saturday, until then, take care!


  1. Looking forward to the pics!

    Haven't had time for blogland this week, so I totally missed the gift swap - but then I'm not a quilter so I dare say it's for the best.

    Hope you have a wonderful trip!

  2. Du har så rätt, det var en kviltbok. Nästa år hittar vi på någonting roligare...