December 3, 2011

Does it have to be like this?

There I was quietly enjoying my daily mayhem (in form of the fourth season of Criminal minds) in a almost catatonic frame of mind and suddenly it hit me - I have only this weekend to get everything in order for Christmas. I'd only had some diffuse thoughts of cleaning a couple of windows and placing a thing or two around. But the real thing is nowhere like this at all. Not only did I drag down 7 big boxes from the attic, but I slowly realized that decorating means clenaning up the health hazard hole I call my home.

I duly cleanded some windows. Of course it was the first rainy day in ages. There has been almost no rain where I live. Usually the rains amounts to 60 liters in November; we had 1,3. There was even some talk about sandstorms on the radio. I just could not believe my ears; this is Germany, not Libya or something like that!

After the cleaning I hung up the christmas lights in the kitchen. While working there I realized I had to iron the christmas drapes as well, but first I had to find them. While searching the obvious places I could hear some plopping noices from the kitchen. There the lights amused themselves by falling down again. No not once or twice - continually!!

The dishwasher decided to join in on the fun and to have a spot of constipation. That did not cheer me up.

Just thought to tell you what real life is like. All of you have everything in place, of course. Don't tell me anything else; I've seen lots of pictures of stunning decorations and you know what? I HATE YOU!!! Why cannot my home look like that as well???


  1. I too have blogger christmas envy and can match your constipated dishwasher with an incontinent iron.

  2. Who says I haven't an incontinent iron as well?

  3. The trick is to carefully chose the part of your home that you are photografing, then equally carefully NOT let any of the surrounding chaos be shown in the picture - and voila! A beautiful (and very untrue) picture och homely Christmas bliss... ;-)

    I flatly refused to clean the windows even though I put up the christmas drapes. If the windows insist on being cleaned, they can do so themselves and not bother me.

  4. My, my...But thats cheating in a small way, isn't it?
    Here I was thinking big. Planning on a trip to a design shop and draping odd pieces of the family around the furniture and voila! (and bribing those of you that really know my health hazard hole to keep their mouths shut)

  5. Irene; I like the part about the windows. I'll just go and tell my windows off as well!

  6. Far be it from me to advise against any trips to design shops! Perhaps you could do both? Some christmassy draping of odd pieces in select places, which you photograph?

  7. I knew you would understand me, Irene! So speaks only a true friend.