October 19, 2011

Oops I did it again

Did you know I've invented a perpetuum mobile? No? I didn't either, but I started to suspect something along these lines some time ago. I have to warn you - it is a very boring true story with a happy ending. It goes like this.

Fabrics cost a lot around here, about 30$/yard and there isn't really a big choice of fabric to choose from, so I spend a fair part of my day surfing around fabric shops overseas. Usually it doesn't take long before the urge hits me on the head and I get all crosseyed and feebleminded. As a result there alway seems to be some items in my shopping cart, don't ask me how. It is one of these mysteries. All items vital, of course.

Usually there is some space left in the package and as I have to pay the shipping anyway it is only good economy to take care of this space. All d'accor with this? Thought so. You see it is absolutely necessary to shop some more. Then I order some new line, just to get good value for the shipping costs. I'm saving money.

For the extras I haven't any definite patterns in mind, but well, don't be too hard on a girl with a severe concussion. I believe some call this phenomenon stash building. You could as well call it insulation against cold winters, or perhaps padding in case of an earthquake. I don't suppose I have to spell it out, but these extras are awfully nice to caress and rearrange every two weeks according to my newest brainstorm in the field of stash organizing.
(By the way; I suspect this story isn't getting any better, don't blame me if I'm boring you ad nauseam)

Usually about a year later the inspiration hits me unexpectedly and I get shaky hands and am crosseyed once again, this time looking for my cutter and all the rest of necessary paraphernalia. It doesn't take long for a junkie like me before the new project is under the machine, but then...As I didn't have any definite plans for the stuff I naturally hadn't bought any materials for the finish. Of course the line has disappeared - never to be seen again - and there am I surfing the fabrics shops for something that might suit. Then there is this extra space in the parcel and it would be bad economy to leave this space unused, so I order some new line and...If this isn't a perpetuum mobile I don't know what is!

At the moment I'm waiting for some batics for my ninepatch quilt. (Thanks a lot for the advice I got on this one! I'll try it out ASAP). Therefore I tried in the meantime to finish the Neptune line quilt. But the dark blue fabric for the border I needed isn't availble anymore. Therefore I started on a quilt with Wild Rose fabrics. This time I had the backing and the binding, but the border is missing. Somehow I just forgot about it. Too bad.

Yesterday I found the fabric for the border, but, hey, 14$ shipping for 1 yard of fabric? This time Etchings came along, and if I'm not deceased I'm happily ordering more stuff for ever after.

The end


  1. Haha, this wasnt boring at all. Very entertaining though! I know what you mean. My stash is beautiful but I never seem to have the right fabric anyways. I've never ordered oversees. I buy most of my fabric at dawanda.de.

  2. I can so relate. I had a time when I had more time to shop for fabric but not necessarily the time to put things together. Now I have have a ton (possible that could be a literal translation - eek!). I have moved several times and am now in the process of going through the many tubs of fabric. The goal is week out what I don't love. But it is like shopping all over again with each new re-discovery. Most I bought with some "definate" plans, but what those plans were, is anybodys guess at this point!! And of course, my interests have changed, so the original plan may be out!

  3. Giggle! Oh, so familiar! Me loves fat quarter bundles, but as you say, when I haul it out to begin, I find that I should have bought more of one or the other fabrics in the line, and what's a girl to do? SHOP MORE! LOL
    Great post, my friend!
    aka Snoodles

  4. Oh soulsisters - I knew I could count on you!