October 16, 2011

After all this time some quilts are finally finished

Sorry about my absence; I've been enjoying a bout of Supermanitis. You know this helpless feeling when you realize that you cannot save the world; no matter how much you want to. Still even if I haven't done much of good in the Superman department I've managed to finish two quilts!

First of all, let me proudly present Spooky - no longer Phd.

This one was a lot of fun and I enjoyed making it. FYI we don't decorate for Halloween around here, but still I know where it is going to be in a couple of weeks time. I'm even planning on some creepy spiders with long hairy legs hanging in the porch.
Usually I'm in for at least one more quilt out of the scraps, but this time there was nothing at all. I used every last bit. The scraps went into the backside.

My second quilt was made out of two charm packs of Oasis. The pattern is called Roundabout, it is one of Miss Rosies patterns. From the charms packs there are three 5" pieces left.

The quilting is just stich in a ditch, but I am still very proud of myself. This time the quilting wasn't a total disaster. I didn't have time to iron the quilts before taking the pictures. You know we have been having lots and lots of rain, so I grabbed the first chance to take the pictures with some sunshine in the background.

There is a third quilt just about finished, but I've run out of fabric and am having some difficulties finding the right shade of dark blue for the inner border. I used Neptune by Tula Pink, but didn't buy enough yardage. In case someone has too much of dark blue fabric from this line please contact me. I'm sure we can come to a mutal agreement.

Of course I've been doing some other things than mooning around and finishing quilts. Last weekend I went again to Berlin for 4 days. My kids have finally found an apartment and I thought they would appreciate some help getting started. This time I didn't bother with buying any airplane tickets and made a date with a nice young man going the same way. I've told you about the "Mitfahrgelegenheit", I still don't know what it is called in English. Everything was just fine, if you don't count his halitosis and some 6 hours later I was in Berlin. The trip from Bahnhof Zoo to the apartment took almost 1 1/2 hours; Berlin is a big city. Friday we went shopping with the kids and had lots of fun. In the evening we went to a restaurent and had two different kinds of cheese fondue and a chokolate fondue as desert. Yum!
Saturday we went to Ikea and a home improvement market. Sunday we painted some walls. Princess wanted green walls and it took almost the whole day to finish her room. One wall in the kitchen is painted in aubergine. It looks just great. I didn't take any pictures as it was raining once again.
Monday I had to go home again; this time I took the train. You know what? It was rather boring; I much rather get to know new people.


  1. What a beautiful quilt! When you have time to sew so much? The first quilt is a bright and elegant! The second tender, and the third is different. I found them all very much. You're such a good fellow. All have time to sew and help children. You have a rich life interesting.
    I have received from you more fabric. Thank you very much. She is very beautiful.

  2. I really like the spooky quilt - orange is my colour! And from time to time I feel definitely spooky...

    And then I noted that for the first time I've had use of the fact that I learned what 'halitosis' means. The first, and up to now only, time I heard it was when I saw Blood Brothers in London in 1996...

  3. Tatiana and Crafty Bags; thank your for your encouraging words. It is really good to hear. (to read?)

    Irene, for me Blood Brothers was a first in London in January this year. We seem to be going to the same places :-)
    I didn't notice 'halitosis' though. Never mind, sometimes theretical knowledge is preferable to personal experience.