September 16, 2011

Some essentials for my wellbeing

About a month ago I went to Berlin to visit my eldest daughter, Beauty. I booked the flight for a Thursday afternoon, about one hour after work as starters for my holidays. No slouching around for me, no sir! I jumped around at work trying to finish everything before my departure and had to rush to the airport. Princess waited for me with the car to deliver me on time. With adrenalin still pumping around my systems instead of blood I arrived at the airport and took the first relaxing sniffs of holiday air. I just love airports, anywhere around the world. They calm me down and inspire me at the same time. Nothing bad ever happens in an airport, well almost never. (I'll tell you about the adventures sometime later.)

As I looked for my flight it didn't show up and I was somewhat confused, but still full of confidence. A small chat at the information desk revealed that the flight was on time; but it started in Berlin going to where I was! Another chat revealed that the aircompany would be happy to sell me some tickets on the next flight to Berlin, but for the small price of 360 Euros! Well I told them to keep their tickets and transport air instead of me, if they felt this way.
Princess redirected the car and picked me up again and helped me to organize some form of transportation. The solution was a nice man driving to Berlin a couple of hours later.
I don't know what its called in English, but in German they call it Mitfahrgelegenheit. You can see online if someone is driving somewhere and you pay a part of the gas in exchange for the ride. It was a first for me and I haven't anything to complain about. My driver drove me safely to the Central station and was afraid to leave me there alone (Beauty was a minute late).Cute!

Of course it rained most of the time, but I have at least two pictures from the city.

This is a picture of Sonycenter in the evening; the colours change every minute. I had some thoughts to try to make something like Beecees summer challenge, but I'm not accomplished enought for that.
This is what Sonycenter looks like during daytime.

Beauty and I had a marvelous time during my stay and we went shopping for some of lifes essentials, like these ones:

It is a mugrug. Well really more like a mugcoaster. I just love it and its going everywhere with my cup of tea. For me there is no other mugrug on this planet worth the name mugrug!

Then I discovered these bookmarkers. Issabella the cat promised to make a whodunit quilt, so I have to get into the mood, haven't I?

A new belt was next on my shopping list. It turned out a bit different than planned. Planned was black leather. But this is just the thing for a frequent flyer with selfesteem; don't you agree?

Last but not least these beauties found their way into my bag. It is crewel wool, 40 skeins. I don't know when I will be able to sew again; my right arm is still making me say some foul things. But I will be prepared if a miracle should happen and I find the time to do some sewing. My arm can go and...


  1. I am loving the book marks!
    The whodunit pattern is still a work in progress but I will get there lol
    Sounds like you had a great adventure :)

  2. Don't worry about the whodunit. We get there when we get there :-)
    I wouldn't call it an adventure. It was worse getting stranded in Tel Aviv and missing the connecting flights from Amman to Quatar and from Quatar to Mumbai and with 10 further fligts in jeopardy...

  3. So your and the plane was like the proverbial ships in the night? Never to meet? ;-)

    Glad you got there in the end, though! And, by the way, that belt is exaclty what anyone with selfesteem would want!

  4. Ouch!!! I cant spell. I don't know grammar, obviously.

    "So you and the plane were" was what I wanted to write. But didn't.

  5. You are so right. The Sonycenter at night will definitely make a super quilt. It is like a giant dresden plate. You can do it. Put your spin on it!