September 10, 2011

Need some help

At the moment I'm slogging away on three UFOs, only the outer borders, quilting (no small thing for me) and binding missing. I'll show you the pictures of the finished products ASAP.

In the meantime I'm pondering upon another UFO, made of the leftovers of a bigger project (also a UFO but I'm repeating the obvious, am I not?). I can't make up my mind what to do with this one.

There are 42 nine-patch blocks, all of them different. Should I put in some sashing, or put them on point, perhaps throw in some background blocks...
What do you think?
I've still got some leftovers, so I could make it bigger.

The lines I used from Hoffman batics are not available anylonger, so I have to get something like the fabrics I used, but should I choose greens, or purple, dark or light...

For the time being, I'm just keeping the blocks on the floor and hope for some inspiration to hit me.


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  3. Great colours! I would say, try to put the blocks on point, see what happens :)

  4. I think on point with a plain block in between. Even tho it is not out of the same line, I think it would look great!