September 25, 2011

I have a dream

Well in real life I have lots of dreams, but thats beside the point. The one I'm thinking about was born a couple of years ago surfing around in blogland. I want to win a giveaway! The first year in blogland I just lurked around in cyberspace, sampling all kinds of things and wondering how to leave comments. Well you know, just the normal stuff you think about, if you haven't a clue about anything.
Then in April I started blogging myself and gradually got more corageous. Still I didn't join in very often and mostly forgot to check out if I had actually won anything.

Everything changed as the biggest giveaway in quilting history started at sewwequilt. I tried my luck every now and then, but...
Imagine my surprise as Mme Samm wrote to me about a win some time ago. Well, not actually my, but Tatianas. Tatiana made me a present of her win. I don't know why, but I'm really greatful. A parcel is on its way to Russia; enjoy!

A red parcel arrived at my place, full with these goodies. Who ever sends red parcels? Mme Samm depresses me. How can anyone manage everything she does? I swear she has rocket fuel in her veins. Have you seen her latest post about the ghastlies? I don't believe what I see - a ghost in the garden. Toodles, Samm and thank you for everything.

In this parcel there was a quilting book, some needles and lots of threads. Aren't they yummy? Too bad my right arm doesn't allow any stitching yet. Well, there is always tomorrow.

So, I still haven't won a giveaway, but I'm going to keep on trying. Greedy? No, obsessed! There are still 5 weeks of almost daily giveaways in case anyone wants to join in on the fun. Wantobe quilters can sign in with me and I'll be more than happy to take care of the registration.


  1. Congratulations! I'm glad you liked the gift. It is my gratitude to you for the fabric. I too have a dream to win a gift from Mme Samm . I wish you and myself to win a gift!

  2. Fingers crossed for a win very soon :)

  3. I do hope you win a giveaway!!! Loved your mail!

  4. You won my giveaway. I was just Very late sending it. You should be receiving it any day now. I sent it out right after I last wrote you. It seems like that was a couple of weeks ago. I think it was around the 10th of November. I finally won a giveaway. It was a Beam and Read light...the new ones with 6 lights instead of three. Take care my friend, Jeanne