September 4, 2011

Finally shorts

For the information of Non-Centraleuropeans this summer lasted about 8 hours and wasn't making it to the top 10 of great summers. It was just rain, rain and rain again, the only thing topping the rain was the cold. Believe me, we had lots of both!

Of course the sun is always shining in my home country (at least in my mind) and I was somewhat surprised to see that it actually did. It was such a surprise to see that big yellow thing in the sky. For ever the optimist I had packed some shorts for the trips and was more than happy to wear them for the first time this year.

Three weeks ago I went to Helsinki to help out with the preparations for the wedding of the daughter of my schooldays friend ­Åsa. She is just a marvel at organizing big parties and does everything herself, down to the wedding dress. The bride prepared the leather for her weddingdress herself. It was a big wedding with some 130 invited guests so there was more than enough to do.

Luckily we had some breathing space during the preparations. Meet Åsas granddaughter Elsa picking blueberries in the woods. (This waistline just cries for some serious Photoshopping!)

There were lots of mushrooms. (Irene, perhaps you should consider a small trip to a neighbouring country)

The happy couple and their weddingcake.

Elsa speeding around in the church during the ceremony.

These two joined me for five days and we did some tourist things.

We went to Borgå, a small town east of Helsinki. My daughter and I were interested in the shops,

but her boyfriend wanted to see some places.

In the church we saw the family chrest (the unicorn) of the Ramsays of Dalhousie (our familys far away ancestors)

Back in Helsinki again. This is the Temppeliaukio church, a church built into a rock. It has a beautiful copper roof and marvelous accoustics. If you care to Google there are lots of better pictures.

This is photo is taken in a park in the middle of Helsinki. It looks like the photo is taken somewhere in nowhere, but believe me, there is a lot of city just around the corner. The Finlandia hall is just some 20 meters away from this place.

We also went to Ekenäs, a small town west of Helsinki. This picture is taken in the evening. The house in the background is called Knipan. It is a restaurent built on the water. It was built during the prohibition time while it was forbidden to serve alcohol on Finish ground.

And we went to Dagmarkällan with my brother.

It is a very clean spring named after the Danish princess Dagmar. She often went there after her marriage to Alexander the Third of Russia. She even had a stone table and chair made and brought here. The spring is frequently used by sailingboats for a fresh load of water. It tastes very good and fresh!

It is a beautiful place, fit for an emperess.

Romantic as well.

You can do some fun things here. I tried also to walk along the stem, but left the camera on shore. It was rather difficult to change directions on the stem and walk back again, but we all managed just fine.

Now I'm back in Germany since 10 days, trying to get used to being all alone at home. Princess is starting a new life some 500 km away from home.

All the best to you, my love!


  1. Замечательные фотографии!!Красивая природа. Очень рада ,что ты вернулась.Ты не одна ,у тебя тут много друзей!!!

  2. Dear Tatiana
    could you please translate what you've written?

  3. Great photos! Beautiful nature. Very glad you're back. You're not alone, you got a lot of friends!
    (I translated through an interpreter Google.)

  4. Thank you Tatiana,
    you are so sweet! I tried to translate what you wrote with Google, but I wasn't succesful. I do speak a lot of languages (and I mean a lot!), but none of the Slawic languages. Sorry! I get by if I have to speak with some simple words, but I cannot read Russian.

  5. Great impressions from Finnland! Today I wore a dress that I bought at the end of last summer for the first time! I didn't believe it would happen at all this year! Today and yesterday was summer in Berlin!!!! Woohoo!

  6. Hope you enjoyed wearing your dress Sana, because it was raining here today, so the rain will be at your place tomorrow!

  7. I don't know the language ((( I want to learn English. Good for you! To know many languages ​​well!See my blog. My weekend.))

  8. I wrote that I received from you such a wonderful gift !
    Fabrics are beautiful!Thank you again.I will think how to apply them.I want to make a pattern Lil 'Twister Pinwheel Ruler.

  9. Dear Fabraholic, you are quite right - I do want to go to Finland! (Not only for the mushrooms). Last August was the first time I went to Helsinki, and it was beautiful!

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