August 2, 2011

? ? ?

There are some questions on my mind. No, nothing easy like what shall I make for dinner, or how am I to get the 48 items on my to-do list done before Thursday?

No, not even why did I drop my pager into the toilet and not one of my male colleagues?
That one is quite easy to answer – because they are standing in front of it and are wearing the pager on their backside.

No, my thoughts are turned into more serious questions than that.

1. Where is the dirt on my glasses coming from? Am I perhaps distributing it with my eyelashes?

2. Why do needles have to hide themselves inside a pincushion? I certainly am not pushing them. It seems to me they are all behaving like secret agents during World War II.

3. Why did our entire population of quilting ancestors leave for overseas?

If you have some answers – please, please leave a comment. Or perhaps you have some inexpiable questions of your own. Do share it and we will put our minds into the matter.

More questions:

4. Why do the bobbins always run out on the last seam? (Thanks beecee)

5. Why are there oranges, but no yellows? Most of the colours seem to have another meaning, but not yellow. Is it being mobbed?

6. Does the word invalid (in the meaning of disabled) come from not valid? This thought makes me sad.

7. Why does the last minute always feel like hours?


  1. I completely agree....I've been wondering if there are some gremlins that come and push my needles far, far inside my pincushion! LOL Such weighty matters are too much for my lil brain!
    Jacque in SC

  2. No answers, only more questions. Why does the bobbin run out on the last seam?

  3. I may not have the answer to all of your questions - but I do have a solution to Nos. 2 and 4, a solution I practice myself. I don't. Sew, that is. At all. Instead I have a clever sister who does all of my sewing! Brilliant, if I may say so myself ;-). Hence, no qualms about pincusions and bobbins.

  4. I am confused now about what language to write you in. Ist schon spät. Ich bin müde! But I'll play nice and write in english ;-) Glad you found my blog! I also dont know many other people here in Germany that like quilting. I wouldnt call myself a quilter though. I love sewing in general - mostly accessories. I love the Halloween fabrics in the posts below. Where did you buy those charm packs? And which city do you live in? Sorry, I only have more question and no answers for yours. BTW your writing style is very funny and entertaining!
    See ya

  5. Smudges on glasses are will power seeping out of my eyeballs hence the more smudges I have on my glasses the less will power I have to finish any given task.
    Needles do not like being shoved through fabric or accidentally sewn over by my sewing machine so they hide further in the pincushion hoping that I will pick out their colleges the needles *This has happened more than once*
    Why did they leave - Have you seen Europe's weather?!?

    Hope these answers help calm your mind, I am still working on why bobbins ALWAYS run out on the last seam though - some things just can't be understood by us mortals :)

  6. Absolutely brilliant my dear! You are so right about the eye balls and the needles. Why didn't I think about that?
    The bobbins just have to run out on the last seam because the gods are envious of us and fear our perfection if we should get everything just right the first time!

  7. Sana; ich freue mich so dich gefunden zu haben! Es ist egal in welcher Sprache du schreibst. Englisch ist gut, falls andere es auch verstehen sollen. Wohnen tue ich in Bonn. Meine Halloweenstoffe gibt es wahrscheinlich nicht mehr. Eins hieß Spooktacular und das andere Pungkin Peers. Es waren fat quarters und ein Jelly roll, nicht charm packs. Es gibt aber reichlich andere ähnliche Stoffe z. B. bei Fat Quarter Shop.

  8. I forgot - I do know about the European weather. I get bucketsfull of it down my neck everytime I step out of the door from the health hazard hole I call my home.

  9. Yeah, right there is another question: What did we do in order to be punished with the worst summer ever (in 60 years for the Berlin area - I wrote a post about it)?
    My answer for question #3: They left because the cool fabric is cheaper over there ;-) Plus the great choices you have for anything you need for crafting. (I personally will move there for the love of my life and the fabric stores will help me get over leaving my family behind ;-)

  10. I thought further about bobbins and I think them above appreciate our creativity so logic dictates they are merely testing my ability to use my creativity to come up with new swear words :)