July 5, 2011

Some chain stitching

On Sunday my daughter fell asleep in my bed, so I had to keep quiet not to wake her up. I had some white fabric and some floss and here is the result.

The picture is not so good; I have to buy a better camera. Anyway, I made the chain stitches on bella solids in white and used some pearls to adorn the stitching. I used floss from Stef Francis. I've never used before, so it was quite exciting to see the result.

I'm not sure what it shall be. Perhaps a book cover, or a pillow case. I'd like to adorn it with some black lace and a border of green and dark red fabrics in crossed porcelain look.

Take care!


  1. Hej! Åh, vad mycket fint jag hittar här! Så duktig du är på att sy! =)
    Vad jag tänker göra med "prästkragarna" är ännu en liten hemlighet.....tills den är klar. =)

  2. Roligt att du kikade in i min handarbetsblogg. Nu på sommaren har jag mestadels virkat, men stickar också. Ska ta en närmare titt på vad du gjort.

  3. I love mazes. I checked to make sure that your worked (it did). Sew cute!

  4. Whoop Whoop! Very cute stitchery. I don't need another passion, but I love looking at work by others! Thanks for sharing yours. And hello from a fellow Finn, altho I barely speak any Finnish (and no Swedish) any more.

  5. Terve Brita
    After almost 30 years abroad my Finnish is nothing to be proud of. I'm just happy to get to know you all, never mind in what language!