July 16, 2011

PhD Spooky

Never did I realize I have so sophisticated company (apart from you of course!) until I received some enlightment while surfing in the bountiful quilting seas.

This is my first PhD (project half done). I've called it a lot of names, hidden passion, obsession...PhD Spooky is what I call this project for now.

I've made 36 of these blocks and still love the colours and the pattern. I really didn't even mind Jakie the Ripper getting so busy because of the bulky seams in the middle.

Well, frankly a few of the blocks are perhaps somewhat bold and make me want to run for the hills, but I hope they will blend in with the background.

This one has got some heavy competition as the ugliest block in the quilt. You may judge later. This one is a PhD because I'm waiting for an Oreo jelly roll. Sometimes it takes 4 weeks for the order to come from overseas, so I just have to be patient. Whatever shall I do with my time?

The next PhD is McGuffey. I haven't found a suitable name yet, so I name it like the pattern. If you have any suggestion please, please leave a comment.
Its made from the leftovers from a bigger project. I made 9 blocks like this one:

For the quilt I used the Neptune line. I spent some considerable time on my knees in front of the small blocks (36) adjusting everything to my taste. Still, no matter how carefully I piece together the blocks I always seem to get some blocks mixed up in the procedure. This time it was a minor mistake; I just places the same fabric twice next to each other. I can live with it!

This quilt is now waiting for the bigger project (Scrappy stars UFO) to get finished, because I don't know what fabrics are left for the inner border. I only need half a yard, but the Neptune line isn't available anymore.

So what should I do now?

Perhaps start on this kit.

It's supposed be an elephant sometime in the near future.

Or perhaps I should put in some UFO time...Sigh!


  1. I'm your newest follower! I found you on Stash Manicure...I'm the blog right under your blog on the list. Except I'm not "no name" as it says! LOL
    My name is Jacque and on my blog I go by the nickname, Snoodles!
    I love your blocks - they're very nice!
    Jacque in SC
    aka Snoodles at Lilypadquilting

  2. Hallo Jacque and welcome to my blog! I just had a peep at your blog; its great!

  3. Du tycks ha flera kviltar på g, härliga block! Hoppas du snart ska kunna brodera igen, läckra tyger och garner! Kram Katarina

  4. Jaså det är du som är ute och spökar mitt i natten! Tack för uppmuntran; det behövs verkligen.