July 1, 2011

My newest passion

Here it is; my newest passion. I know it is a long way to go until Halloween, but the colours make me smile. For me now is the right timeto get creative with this line.

I’ve had this jelly roll for almost 1 ½ years and been picking it up every now and then, planning on a suitable pattern. You know how it is; you pick out a pattern, but don’t get down to cutting and sewing immediately. So your plans are somewhere deep down at the back of your head, but not really ready to immerge. This has been the case with this jelly roll and at least 3 patterns. Originally I bought this jelly roll to give away as a gift, but I remembered at the last moment that my friend doesn’t like orange. No orange; no way! So I kept the jelly roll for my own use.

Now it suddenly overcame me. I saw the perfect pattern for this fabric line and was sold and couldn’t get the idea out of my head any longer. As I had a free box for a new project, there was no restraint on my part what so ever. The jelly roll was immediately stripped and I loved to handle the fabrics, trying to decide on my favourite combinations. From there on it was not far to ironing and cutting the pieces.

I decided on the Sweet embroidery pinwheels pattern from Rosalie Quinlan Designs. It is a free pattern using another fabric line. I liked the fabrics and colours Lecien used, but for me no further fabric shopping at the moment. My cupboard shelves are groaning already and I’m not sure they can bear anything additional. Some sissies! Must be male, groaning and complaining like that. Female shelves have more sense would know what is important in life.

For the blocks you have to pair and sew two fabric strips together, cutting the strips in 8 4 ½” pieces. From these pieces you make half square triangles (after ironing the pieces open). This wasn’t as easy as usual because of the bulk from the seam in the middle. It took quite a long time to draw the middle lines and it was almost impossible to get good, straight lines.
Yesterday the family wasn’t at home, so I had a whole evening just for myself and my spleens. Don’t get me wrong; I dearly love my daughters, but one evening with the sewing machine is sometimes a treat. I just sat there with all these beautiful fabrics and could sew as long as I liked. What a bliss! I didn’t mind that Jacky the Ripper got busy with almost every block at least twice. Sometimes I had to sew a block 4 times. No problem as long you are in hype.

Last night I finished ironing the triangles at one o’clock in the morning, but it was well worth it. Tonight I hope to be able to cut the triangles into shape, but I’m afraid I won’t have any time for finishing the blocks. This weekend is for the family and no time for indulging in my own pleasures.
It is really rather tough as I have to go on a business trip next week and there will be no sewing time at all. That’s life.

Until next time; take care.


  1. Skall bli spännnade att se resultatet - är heller ingen "orange" person men det ser läckert ut så här långt!

  2. Välkommen Annika till min blog. Äntligen vågar någon skriva inteengelska till mig :-)
    Orange är heller inte mitt första val, men när man är lite deppig är det absolut den rätta färgen...

  3. That is a very neat pattern! I like what you're doing, and can't wait to see the finished quilt!! Whoop whoop!!