July 9, 2011

The Adventure of the Spreckled Band

Some time ago I joined a group of talented Swedish women hosting a blog about embroidery. It is called Mina stygn and is written in Swedish. Every two weeks a new stitch is introduced and we are supposed to try out all the different kinds of stitches belonging to the theme.

I never knew there were so many different variations of "normal" stitches. Frankly I know even less about embroidery than about quilting! Worst of all; I'm not even a Swede. So you see how tolerant and understanding these girls are. Generally speaking Swedes are very kind and pleasant people. In case you have never been to Sweden they all live in a dolls house come true. The houses are always freshly painted and there is never a weed in the garden. As I myself live in a health hazard hole I'm green with envy!
Oh well... Maybe next life.

This is a kind of explanation why emboidery keeps popping up in this blog although I'm supposed to write about quilting. It's fun to stitch, even if I don't know the hoot about it.

This is my contribution to the theme "Knots". As I only know French knots, the result isn't so breathtaking. Never mind; I'll get there in time. I'm just wondering, if I should sew some more knots into the circles, or should I leave it like it is? What do you think?

Take care!


  1. I know nothing at all about stitching, in fact I am a catastrophy with a needle in my hand - but I do like the snake!

    Also, I just discovered that my garden cannot be Swedish, since weeds are abundant in it - but never mind, a little chaos is good for creativity, I believe ;-)

  2. Did I mention Swedes are extremely modest as well? I don't believe a word Irene is saying!