July 31, 2011

Halloween in July

Halloween seems to fascinate me at the moment. I've been working on an old UFO I started almost two years ago. I miscalculated the yardage and had to make some new blocks.

I did some cutting

and chainpiecing

and some more chainpiecing.

Soon I have to order some more black fabric, but the good news is that I got a parcel yesterday with the ordered Oreo and some charm packets with even more Halloween stuff. I don't know what I planned to do with these; I probably just tried to fill up some space in the package, thrifty as I am :-)

Never mind; I'll just start with this one and see if some kind of bright ideas come to me in the meantime.

Now I'm off to prepare a post about a new project that is sure to interest all of you! I'll be back real soon.

Wish you all a marvelous time and take care!

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