July 31, 2011

Gone with the wind

I just hate getting my hair done!! There is something about the eternal yaking "You have wonderful hair. You should just..." that doesn't suit my fragile mind. I even prefer going to the dentist. That should tell how much I hate those (mostly wellment) comments I get every time. So if you have been reading between the lines it has been some time since last. So far so good. It was finally my Granny who kept popping up and looking back at me in my mirror who made me rethink my strategy of ignoring my hair.

So a couple of days ago I duly went to a place that promised to turn me out into a new person in no time. I left myself into the hands of the hairdresser with the instruction to make the best of the mess on my head.
I closed my eyes and listened only to the sounds of scissors and brushes and the encouraging noises from my friend at my side "You look great! This style really suits you." I even got a new makeup (still with my eyes closed).

Well, the result certainly was a surprise. The hair was well cut, but I saw at once it wouldn't work with my kind of hair without some serious work every day. The makeup made me think of Cruella.

My friend kept chirping encouraging noises in my ear on the way home (and the Dalmatians kept wisely clear of me). I kept my doubts about the hairdo (in dubio pro reo) to myself and went directly home to get a good facescrub.

Next day my premonition turned out true - I looked like a scarecrow with good intentions.

So back again I went to this refashion temple voicing my doubts about the suitability of the new hairdo.

The discussion went something like this:

What did you do with your hair? (hairdresser)
I combed it. (me)
Didn't you blow-dry your hair? (hairdresser)
No. (me)
But you did wash it? (hairdresser)
No, why should I? You washed it for me yesterday. (me)
You should wash it every day so you can blow-dry it into fashion. (hairdresser)
Thats impossible; my hair is too dry to wash every day. (me)
Some haughty looks and comments later she gave up after my final statement (if you can't manage it I'll go somewhere else) and cut it into a new Wash and go-fashion. I was happy, she pocketed a generous tip and went away murmuring something along the lines "Chacun à sa fa¢on" (French for 'let the idiot have her way') and disappeared.

At the counter a new discussion with the proprietor of the establishment awaited me.

Why do you not want to blow-dry your hair? (p a)
(my problem wasn't only the blow-drying, but the muck I had to plaster on my hairs everyday to make it stay the way it was supposed to stay)
I haven't really got the time. (me)
Time, time! I can't hear it anymore! A little life quality is so important. (p a)
No objection to that from me; its just that I usually climb ladders or creep on my knees under some tables during working hours and it is rather difficult to keep your hair and outfit stylish under these circumstances. (me)
You should rethink your life and spend some time with fashion! I don't know what the world is coming to. (p a)

Pompous ass! I've spent a lot of time on qualifying in a profession usually domninated by males and am good at what I do. Should I now get another job just to get more time to manicure my fingernails? Or perhaps quit althogether? Let a man take care of the little woman?
No way! I've got rather used to regular meals every day and I'll keep climbing those ladders even if my hairstyle is rather like "Gone with the wind"!

Sorry about this. I just had to get it off my chest. This post isn't the important one for you; just me against the windmills.

Take care, I'll be back real soon.

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  1. You made me laugh! But I thoroughly understand what you mean, I simply cannot have a hairdo that takes a lot of time to look good. Frankly, I am satifsfied with just looking normal... I have far more interesting things to do than to style my hair for hours each morning!

    ... and I also think that the Dalmatians showed great sense, avoiding you that day! ;-)