June 12, 2011

UFOs no. 5 and 6 finished!

Let me proudly present my UFOs no. 5 and 6:

No. 5 is quite cute, but it was a hard one for me. It is a pincushion. The pattern is called Sweet pumpkin and the instructions were clear and easy to follow. You can get the kit here. Still it was quite a struggle for some reason; don't ask me why. It was for ages on my windowsill, just waiting for those famous last touches, looking at me reproachfully. In return I gave it a piece of my eye and ignored it.
Now I have discovered I don't like to use it, because needles can easily disapperar into its gready stomach, never to be seen again, or cowardly attacking your fingers from underground when you last expect it. I prefer smaller pincushions.

No. 6 is a christmas table topper made with cross stiches. I found in the attic and I don't know how long it has been there. I only had to finish the border, but didn't know how, so up up and away it went. I still don't know if I made the corners the right way, but frankly I don't care any longer. Finished is better than perfect, right? It is 55 cm x 110 cm, so it is a big one. The border took me almost 7 hours, so it wasn't quite as easy as planned.This one I do like and I'm looking forward to putting it on the table in the living room next christmas.

So far I have made one UFO a month and I have been overachieving with the blocks for Joseph's coat. I decided to make 2 every month and I've made 20 by now. My Dear Jane is waiting for a decision (Reboot, or go on).
I'm rewarding myself with a new project and I've decided to join the Skill Builder Sampler. If you are interested to join you find the button in the right border. It is starting next Friday and for once I can start on time and not a couple of years later. Is anyone joining me?

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