June 4, 2011

Clouds are hanging low

Just a couple of lines to say I'm still around, still on sickleave after 10 weeks of problems with my right arm and tons of painkillers. I sort through my UFOs, getting more depressed by the minute. Even food doesn't taste so good with 2000 EHEC infections near by. So I just sit there thinking of my orbituary "Here rests Fabraholic, sorely missed by her 638 UFOs". On the other hand; so what? I'll hardly be around to read it.
So yesterday I tried to cheer up and cut some fabric into tiny scraps and I'm playing around and hoping something good will come out of this.
I'll keep you posted.


  1. I am worried about you. Is there anything you can do for your arm? Are you a lefty? Does cooking the veggies kill the bacteria? Maybe you are not cooking because of your arm? If you have to go easy on your arm then not cooking is better than not sewing or cutting fabric for sure. But not better than risking e. coli

  2. Hallo beecee
    I'm doing all I can for my arm; hacking it off seems to be the next option :-) I'm trying not to use it, but it is hard. Unfortunately I'm not a lefty.
    As no one knows where the EHEC is coming from I trew all vegetables and fruit away. Yes, me and the rest of Germany. It seems like it could come from beansprouts, but nothing is sure. It sure makes a damper on the appetite!