June 28, 2011

Bear paws - part 2

Last weekend we went to a beautiful wedding in a small scenic town in the mountains. Some younger relatives were getting married and invited us. We were happy to oblige and got to know a lot of interesting people. As we waited in our Sunday bests for the taxi to take us to a castle where the party was held, it started to rain.
As a result I came down with a cold in the head and had to stay in bed for a couple of days. All this sick leave isn't like me at all; I usually go to work with my head under my arm, if need be. It must me all these painkillers I'm taking. They sap all the zip out of me. If it were only painkillers I wouldn't take them, but they are meant to take care of the infection in my arm as well, so I really have no choice.
Since yesterday I'm back at the threadmill factory, working overtime as usual. I don't complain; there is a lot to do and I enjoy my work, but the more overtime I have to do, the more free time I get and when I'm away, there is still more to do - so I work overtime again...

The house is still something of a health hazard hole, but I've started to unclutter some shelves, drawers and closets. It is amazing how much junk you can gather in a couple of years.

I haven't been able to do much on the quilting front (no zip to speak of), but I have worked on the Bear paws. I wrote about them some time ago; they are made out of the leftovers (Glacé) from the Star mystery quilt. 70 small blocks were finished, but I need 100 for a large quilt. I think this is what it looked like last time:

I made 400 triangles for 100 blocks.

Here is some chain piecing.

The left overs.

At the moment 50 half made blocks are waiting for the finishing touches.

I've placed them on the floor and try to decide the arrangement and the colours of the center pieces. This is taking some time; it is a serious matter.

Another project I've been working on is Round about from Schnibbles Times 2, made out of the Oasis line.

Some more chain piecing:

The blocks were not so difficult to make.

This is what it lookes like now. It is still waiting for the inner and outer border.

After that it's quilting time again... I'm still like the bird in front of a snake when it comes to quilting. There is a quiting class on Saturday, but I will not be able to participate. The next one is in October, so probably all the flimsies will have to wait until then. Or a miracle comes around.

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  1. Looks like you've been busy May! I love the bear's paw block and have made a plaid in reds - not tried that schnibbles block - lots of partial seams then!?