May 26, 2011


Yesterday my daughter and I went shopping to IKEA. Anina from Twiddletails had some good advice about storing your UFOs and I decided to give it a try.  So I bought 10 small boxes in clear plastic (Samla) and some bigger ones for the flimsies. I put 1 UFO in each box and added an index card with the vital information (pattern, fabric, date, blocks needed, blocks already made) The idea was to limit the number of UFOs to 10 and I think that is good advice. You can only start with something new if, and when a box is empty.

I used to  keep my UFOs in plastic zip bags and the ones I was working on, or planning to work on next, were stored on the window sill. In consequence I used a lot of time looking for some thing or other. The platic bags don't take up much space, but you have an unlimited supply of platic bags at your disposal and can always get more at the supermarket. For someone without any sense of restraint like myself it is not a good thing. For the boxes is you have to go to IKEA to get more and then you have time to think it over.
 I also sorted through my cross stiches and put my DMCs in order. I have 282 different shades; thats a lot. My Metz and Danks blommegarn floss is still hiding, but I'm confident they will show up again.

All this sorting and organizing only because I'm desperate. I live in a HHH (health hazard hole)! There is not much I can do about it, so I try to occupy my mind with other things. I just can't show up on Monday at the threadmill and tell my employer my arm is still sore because I had to do some serious housecleaning.  Or perhaps I may fall from some ladder or other. Not a good idea, as I work in the field of occupational health and safety and cannot claim any ignorance in this matter.

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  1. Oh you are too funny. Or is it how it translates? The threadmill? Literally in English, sweatshop: where one works at a sewing machine for very, low wages usually as an undocumented worker? OR TREADmill? which is a piece of exercise equipment- and you in Occupational Health are familiar with that. All kidding aside, I use the clear plastic containers that pre-washed salad greens come in for my small unfinished projects - SUPS- AND THE good thing is you have to eat more salad!