May 2, 2011

Free give away

As I started on my recent confessions I didn’t consider the consequences of my lines. Until the moment I published a picture of  my total failure as a quilter I was happily able to hide it in a closet and ignore it. Not so any longer.

Now I am forced to face it and to do something. No not on the ruined one; there are plenty other ones to choose from.

Of course I have thought about giving my tops away to a quilting service, but we are talking Germany… They want real money for the service. More money than I’m willing to pay anyway.

As I’m clearly not able to quilt with the sewing machine (or too scary to give it another try) quilting by hand is the last option. Well, I told you about my new book and you saw the cover. It still gives me the creeps.

The instructions were clearly not made for me, although they appear very easy. I made a quilt sandwich as instructed and started with a few stitches in the dimple style. It didn’t work. I didn’t use a frame, so the next step was to find my hoop. I reorganized my workroom some years ago and put all my cross stitch works along with the hoop away in the attic. By the way; I don’t know why anyone goes to junk sales. I haven’t got any need for it. I can just go to the attic and have the same feeling, but without the price tags and all the people milling around. I can still haggle though. I haggle with myself – should this "treasure" go to the bin now, or should it lie around for some years more?

After clearing some space I found some unbelievable things.  Look at this one! What was I going to do with this one? It is a sampler about half finished. I still have the pattern, so I could have a go at it, bit I don't think I will in the near future. I used to do lots of cross stich some years ago, but suddenly it wasn't fun anymore. Well perhaps the hype will return one day.

All of the UFOs are in very good shape, but I don’t know why I made them, so clearly I don’t need them anymore. Why not have a give away; perhaps someone would appreciate the work more than I do. My walls are already full with samplers. 
I will start the give away with this one. It is a cotton ribbon handmade with DMC floss. It is 3 meters long and you could use it for some towels. Or perhaps you have better ideas for it?

Just leave a comment and I will send it to you. If there is more than one comment I will pick one randomly. Deadline is Monday, 9th of May. If you want it you should take the chance as you are probably the only one on earth to read my postings. By the way; I don’t mind if you live in Timbuktu or overseas, as long as you have a post office somewhere near.

In the meantime I’ll ramble on. I didn’t find the frame so I went to a quilt shop some 10 kms from here. There I bought a bigger  frame than the one I had before, quilting yarn and some needles. After that I went to a drugstore and bought a bag of something that looks like condoms for the fingers. I don’t know what these thinggummies are for, probably not to get ugly blood stains on the quilt.

All preparations made I’ll start tonight on my Star mystery quilt (sorry, no picture, it is too dark) and we’ll see how I get along.That is if I don’t do my usual rehearsal in front of the TV as a guest star in ER 16 acting a brain-dead patient. I must say most days when I get home I'm perfectly suited for the role – absolutely no brain activity at all!


  1. those little finger things are for pulling the needle through. I find I just prick holes in them so they are rather worthless! you are delightfully funny.

  2. Thank you, thank you! It came today. It is perfect and prettier than the picture. I will think of you and my grandpa when I look at it. I have a cut glass plate with reindeer on it from my great-grandmother Maria Wirta who came from Loimaa, Finland in 1903.