April 24, 2011

Some pictures from Eastern this year

Today is Eastersunday and we haven't been doing much but stuffing ourselves with chocolate eggs and some other delicious things. It was fun to decorate the house this year. We made some new things and I have been looking for some nice new things.

These ones were made by Nica last year. We got the kit in a shop nearby. They are really eggwarmers, but needs those anyway? Anyway there was only fabric for two bunnys and we are four. 
I don't mind; they look so cute on the windowsill.

The bunny bag is called Bunny Hop. The pattern is from Hatched and Patched. It is rather easy but fun to make.

This one was named "Das Huhn" (The Hen). The patten is from the book Vårgleder by Miriam Morken and Tone Stenkløv.

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