April 27, 2011

Scared stiff

This post is going to make you smile and me to cry some buckets full.

I must confess I’m just scared stiff and not without due cause. When I started quilting Åsa told me to quilt by hand and some more wise things like that. Well, I wasn’t listening. What ever for? I’ve been lurking in cyberspace for some time now and read every tutorial there is. Sewing a straight line is no rocket science, is it? So when my first quilt was ready for that final step, so was I.

I duly put the backing on the floor, put a nice, thick batting on it and at last the top. I secured everything with security needles and proudly marched off to my sewing machine. Easy peasy so far. Then I started with my seams in the middle (!) of the quilt and kept going for a while; a long while. My sewing machine started to smoke like the Marlboro man in the process.

This is the result. There will be no nametags on this one.

You can stop smiling now before you get ugly wrinkles!

Ok, so I missed out on the part where it said to straighten out the fabrics really well and the batting was too thick for a beginner. Well, I wasn’t going to put some cardboard quilt on my bed, was I? Nice and fluffy was what I wanted. The result is I cannot undo the seams without undoing the fabric as well. I didn’t adjust the length of the stitches (not a know-it-all like myself, no surely not), so they were really small.

I could show you some further disasters, but I’m not feeling too well at the moment. The worst thing is that Taija, my youngest daughter, quilted hers at the same time and it looks like a dream come true. Åsa is not any longer the only one to throw flawless, finished quilts in my face every time I pass by. Ugh!

Some flimsies are lining up and just waiting for that famous last touch, but I’m like a bird in front of a snake. In my desperation I bought a book on hand quilting last week, but this one really looks like rocket science to me. The book is called Learn to do Hand quilting in just one day by Nancy Brenan Daniel. How am I to learn it in just one day? I feel intimidated.

So now at the end of my confessions I feel humble and I have to admit that the only discipline in quilting I truly excel in, is ordering more fabrics. Kimberly from the Fat Quarter shop must be a wealthy woman by now and probably knows the details of my credit card by heart.

In the meantime waiting for the snake to go away I’m knitting some socks.

In case anyone is interested here is the link to the free pattern.

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  1. I must confess I am far better at the piecing than the quilting. I have found a lovely lady with a longarm quilting machine to do that part . . . I like to think that I'm helping her stay in business. Well, that's my story and I'm sticking to it!!!

    Have fun learning to quilt in a day. Hope it goes well.

    Regards, Sue