April 9, 2011

Hallo quilting world

Some time ago my schooltime chum Åsa infected my with the quilting bug. She kept throwing those fabulous quilts into my face everytime I visited her and telling me how much fun sewing is. Well my opinion in this question was quite another one and it helped me to resist for a very long time. My experience was everytime I saw my sewingmachine battletime was on and I always lost the war. It felt like that anyway. You cannot ask my sewingmachine, because it finally lost the war and was replaced with another one with better manners. One beast down!
So my quilting days started with some christmas fabrics and a resolution to make only one quilt (just to show Åsa it wasn't fun) before christmas. As we started, my youngest daughter was very industrious, we just kept sewing until it was almost finished. Then I saw some books and some blogs and...
All right; I pass as a fabraholic. My cupboards a groaning with hidden treasures, under my bed I keep those I cannot put anywhere else and they just keep coming with the postman. Facrics, BOMs, UFOs; you just name it! Everything hoarded in my bedroom and no place to move. If you are a real quilter you know what I mean...

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